Fallout 4 – Four Virtual Characters That May Make a Comeback

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Speculation around the fourth installment

The latest version of the Fallout series has everyone speculating.

With not much information being released, the gaming community has to depend on rumors and leaked information. One such information states that the fourth version will be played in the Commonwealth.

This location is what remains of Massachusetts after the apocalypse. While the location may be new, there are unconfirmed reports about certain characters making a return to the franchise. Gamers are expecting some of the characters from earlier installments to travel to the new location. According to the reports, there are four characters that could be included in the latest version.

Character one

The first character expected to make an experience is Madison Li. Gamers may not recollect this character. She is omnipresent during the start and end of the game. Her character is the first to help the player to be delivered at the beginning of the game. It is her character that requests the player to help fix Project Purity. She can play a significant role in the new installment. She can launch a brand new project to clean up the water. She can also help in decontamination.

Character two

Remember, the Institute. This is a center for scientific research in the earlier installments. The intelligent minds employed here help create many technological advancements including the androids. However, they lack the feeling of sympathy and hence force these androids (who are basically synthetic humans), to act as their slaves. The only individual that gamers have met till date from this group is Dr Zimmer. He can head to the new location to find runaway androids.

Character three

Among the runaways, Harkness was the most technologically advanced android. As per the gameplay, he was assigned to help the Institute hunt down other androids who had escaped. However, during the gameplay, he also joined this group and had his memory erased and features surgically altered. However, he could return to continue his quest to free androids from the Institute and Dr Zimmer.

Character four

New Vegas was created as an alternative environment to Fallout 3. However, the timeline between these two games is only a few years. So, there could easily be a crossover between these games in Fallout 4. One character that would fit right in is Arcade Gannon. A doctor by profession, he is a member of the Followers of Apocalypse. He is not averse to using violence in the gameplay. Though he would be much older, his character may be extremely popular.

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