Facebook to Make Logins More Private For Your Safety

Amidst all the talk about increased security and privacy, and the recurrent allegations on Facebook for not protecting its users’ privacy enough, Facebook has decided to add a brand new privacy feature to its social networking platform.

Soon enough, users will have a privacy option at the time of login as well, so that they will be able to log in anonymously into their social networking accounts.

How Does the Existing Login Work?

The existing login system on Facebook is simple enough. You have an email id, which is used as your username, and a password linked to your account. So you login into your account and everything you have on your social network is immediately accessible. This is the traditional way all other social networking websites have managed their logins, and there is nothing wrong with it. Only, Facebook has gone slightly beyond being a social networking site, and people use it to work with a lot of apps as well.

Anonymous Login

This is a great new feature that will let you log in into your account and try an app without having to give it any permission for posting on your account. You will no longer have to share any of your personal information, or your friends’ information with the app when you use this kind of login. This is an excellent update to Facebook, because earlier every time you used a new app, it wanted access to your Facebook profile, your posts, walls and your friends list. It would post messages on your behalf and even contact your friends with unsolicited messages. This was really a nuisance that Facebook has decided to do away with. This will now be a hassle free way to log into your account and try apps.

Other Updates

Apart from the anonymous login feature, Facebook has made many other updates to its privacy feature. Right at the point of login, you will now be able to decide how much of your information can be given to an app. Since more and more people are logging into apps and various websites using their Facebook credentials, it has become imperative for Facebook to offer this kind of privacy feature so that the Facebook information is not misused by apps. You can now choose what and how much of your data can be shared with apps by checking and unchecking various information categories. Facebook will also have a new app control panel that will allow you to manage your apps on a daily basis. You will have access to a dashboard which will let you manage app permissions for every app you use. Through this dashboard, you can even remove apps entirely.

When Will the Updates be Available?

The updates will now be available in the coming weeks. Right now, they have just been announced in the Facebook Developer Conference, where Facebook developers from all over the world meet together and discuss ideas, problems, and issues. Since there is a stress on managing apps better through the Facebook account, it is possible that many more innovations may be seen in the coming months.

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