Facebook – Tips and Tricks You Should Definitely Know

Facebook has taken the world by storm and everyone is on it.

There are a lot of things you can do to enhance your Facebook experience and get the most out of the time you spend on your social networking profile. Here are some easy tricks and tips to let you do just that.

View All Photos Full Scale

When you want to look at the pictures of someone you know, you can click on their profile and see the photos they have made public. If you are their friend, you can see the photos they share with their friends. However, if a photo is private, you may be able to see its thumbnail but not the bigger size. There are, however, some cool tricks you can use to make non private photographs completely viewable. To do this, just go to the profile picture you want enlarged, and open it in a new tab. Now in the address bar, remove the section that reads ‘s160x160’, and then hit enter. You will be able to view the entire picture easily now.

Download a Facebook Photo Album

Sometimes, you may come across a photo album of a friend or a relative that is really interesting and you want to download it to keep it with you. You may think that you would have to click individually on each photograph and download it but that is not so. You do not need to make so much of manual effort. First, go to the website called Photo Live and download their extension. This free extension can be installed on your browser and once it is installed, you will see some additional buttons on your Facebook page. Whenever you view an album on Facebook, you will be able to see a button that allows you to download the entire album as a zip file to any location of your choice on your computer.

Posting a Blank Status Update

At the outset you would perhaps never need to post a blank status on your wall. However, should the need arise you should be able to post a blank status update too. Generally Facebook would not allow you to post any blank status updates. If you want to post a blank status update, you can just type the following code on your status update message box, and you will be good to go “@ [0:0:]” (without the quotes). If you think that you want to have several blank lines on your status update, you can copy paste this code on multiple lines and then you will be able to see several blank lines on your status update. For some people, the status update is not completely blank and they may be able to see a black diamond with a question mark in it. This is a browser issue, and though you may see this symbol, the other users looking at your profile will only see a blank space unless they have the same browser related issues as well.

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