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Facebook is a very popular app found in every phone, offering updates that are dedicated to this phenomenal social networking app by Mark Zuckerberg. All the features are very well accommodated on Android devices. You can easily share photos from your phone on Facebook, as there are options provided. Separating from this is the Facebook Messenger. This app offers you a means for chatting with friends and is a replacement of the previously existing Facebook Chat. The application is a free one launched way back in August 2011 in the US. Facebook Messenger has essentially been able to isolate the clutter of Facebook and offer you the chat feature alone. There are more than 200 million Android users currently using this application on their mobile devices. The new Chats Head feature is another interesting addition in this app.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started with the Facebook Messenger app. You just have to enter your phone number and email id along with the Facebook password. Of course, you must have a Facebook account before you can get the Facebook Messenger. It is available for Android devices, as well as the iOS and the Blackberry devices.

Straightforward Interface

The interface is simple and straightforward. The messages are listed in the order of the most recent ones. You can view the older ones by scrolling. You can also view the favorites by tapping the upper right Menu button. However, you cannot choose your favorite contacts, like in WhatsApp or Viber. Yet, you can type in the name of a person or a phone number through the search bar to quickly access a contact. The green dot near the name shows that the person is active in the app. The phone icon shows that the person is available on his or her mobile phone.

Replicating Chat Section

Facebook Messenger is a replica of the chat section of Facebook, appearing in the bottom corner of the browser. Facebook Chat was already present in the Facebook application for Android. However, the Facebook Messenger offers a better way of using the service, because users need not negotiate through the rest of the application.

The Difference

Though it is a replica of the Facebook chat feature, there are differences. Facebook Messenger app has its own logo. On the contrary, the Facebook application for Android phones uses the person’s profile picture. However, you can make changes in the Facebook Messenger and change the settings and notification features. It is convenient to use Facebook Messenger instead of the chat in the main application, as you can carry on the conversation from a PC to a mobile phone or vice versa. You can also refresh the conversation if you want and update it. Other features include the addition of your location in your chat messages. You can also add pictures and links, share URLs and so on.

Slick and Neat Features

If you are already logged in to Facebook for Android, you can log in automatically to the Facebook Messenger app. You will be able to access your chat history and pick up the conversation where you left it in Facebook Chat. Facebook Messenger is cleaner and slicker than the Facebook Chat feature. If you are the type to use Facebook to send messages to your friends, this app is a must for your mobile. Facebook Messenger is surely as addictive as its parent, the Facebook Chat. It is easy to set up, the interface is easy to use and it is free. You can also have a group chat with a maximum of 250 people. However, you cannot chat with non-Facebook friends. You can send free messages, make calls and also send photos to Facebook friends.

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