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Facebook is regarded as the giant of social networking and one the biggest online platforms for businesses, marketing, finding friends and having fun.

The platform has evolved rapidly over the years and has had a huge penetration in the mobile landscape. Facebook on mobile has been a huge success with a number of apps being released which enable the user to keep in touch with their friends in an easy and convenient manner. One app that has stood apart from the rest of the crowd is the Facebook Messenger app. This app has what it takes to communicate with the people that matter to you in an easy and convenient manner. It has a huge number of features that make it the ultimate social app when you wish to get quick updates and communicate with the people closest to you without having to interact with the other content they post on social media such as images and videos.

The Facebook Messenger app is a kind of replacement for the traditional chat feature in Facebook with a ton of other features added to make communication instant and easy for every mobile user. The app enables you to reach the people that you care about instantly. It is reliable, fast and most of all, it is absolutely free. So long as you have an existing Facebook account, getting started with Facebook Messenger is as simple as installing the app on your android or iOS device and logging in with your Facebook account. It is similar to text except that you don’t have to pay for every message. The apps works with your current data plan and is the epitome of efficiency when it comes to communication.

You can be able to easily read your message without having to open Facebook on the mobile app or on the web. You can be able to chat with your Facebook friends as a group and plan things together on the go. The app also puts the life into chatting with stickers which make chatting fun and engaging. With the app, you can easily send photos privately making it a great way to share memories with the people who matter most to you.

One feature that makes this app so unique is the fact that you can use it even when you are on other apps through the use of chat heads. With this innovative feature, the profile picture of someone messaging you will simply pop up over whatever app that you may be using enabling you to keep the conversation going even when you are using other apps. You can also text your phone contacts even when they are not your Facebook friends. In case you wish to share your location with the people nearby, this is very easy with the location sharing feature in the app. You can also make free calls even to people in other countries, know when your messages have been seen and the friends who are active on Facebook. With the app, you are never lacking for a friend to chat with and social is made much smoother.

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