Facebook – List of Acquisitions, Trends and Reasons for Popularity

Journey of Ten Years

Facebook is the most trending social networking website connecting people all over the world.

Founded on February 4, 2004, Facebook has added over 1.28 billion users that are actively using this website to share, enjoy and work. The founder of this biggie is Mark Zuckerberg who, along with his college roommates and friends, started this website to connect the students of his college; the Harvard University. But in a very little span of time, this small website caught the eye of everyone around the globe. The popularity and charm of this social networking giant is still increasing. Today, anyone over the age of 13 can register to become a free of cost user of this website and can link to his friends and peers.

History of the New Trendy

Facebook was initially a private owned website but as the popularity and the number of users increased exponentially; the company went on to become public and different holdings were created in the ownership. The revenue of the company increased at a rapid pace and the company opened many offices and sections across the world. As the time passed, a number of advancements and updates were introduced ranging from timeline features to video calling and other attractive add-ons.

Major Acquisitions & Advancements

After going public, there have been a number of mergers and acquisitions by the company, starting with the acquiring of the domain name www.FB.com which cost a record value of $8.5 million. Some of the other public acquisitions of the company are Oculus, leading manufacturer of Rift headsets for around $2 billion. The creativity team of the company provided a facility to the other companies that they can put on video ads on the homepage and subpages of the website which will cost a sum of $1 million per day. The company invited some of the groups to provide sample concepts of the ads that they ought to publish on the social networking giant.

Special Privileges and Popularity

Other interesting news related to Facebook that came round the corridor is that despite being banned for the past 5 years, Facebook is still a growing business in China and the Middle East. Paving its way to offer video ads on the website; Facebook announced a ‘’Boot Camp” for small advertisers who will be provided with a little campaigning to dwell this offer of Facebook and to earn some real time publicity for their respective brands.

Minimizing All Threats and Setting it All Clear

A recent rumour says there are over 100 million fake accounts active over the website. As a result, a number of security issues have come up in the minds of the users. But the creativity and security teams of Facebook Inc. have claimed that there will not be any single loophole in the website’s functioning. The website has provided a secure and encrypted protection to the users for the past ten years and it will continue this endeavour in the future also. So there is no need to worry about any of the security issues of the company. You can share your thoughts with all ease.

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