Facebook – Get the Most out of Marketing with These Advanced Tricks

Social media marketing is catching up and many marketers are turning to Facebook exclusively to market their brands and products.

This is because Facebook gives everyone the opportunity to make the most of its networking platform. Here are some simple tips for those, who want to market their brand and products through Facebook.

Start with a Trial Run

Facebook is used by almost everyone, but every age group has a particular time of the day when they are most active. For instance, students are most active on Facebook in the night, while young adults are most active on it during the day. The best thing would be to give a small trial run to your marketing campaign, just to figure out what time of the day is best to get the most activity around your campaign. If you are planning to automate your postings, the best way to go about it is to first test user engagement.

Ask for Input

The best thing about Facebook is that it gives you an opportunity to engage directly with your audiences. This means, that if you want, you can let your target audience speak about your products on your fan page. Invite them to tell you how they feel about your campaign or your product. You can have them vote for the things they like the most about your brand, start competitions, and give away free stuff as well. This will improve brand loyalty and people will actually think that you care about them enough to talk about important decisions.

Share Lots of Pictures

Pictures last much longer, and if you have a fan page that seems slightly dull, plaster it with images. You can put pictures of your products, your place of business and even people. If nothing else, you can put up inspirational pictures, quotes and many other posts on your page. The idea is to make it lively and interesting. Pictures are always impactful, so keep your messages short, and use as many pictures as you can to promote your product, service or your brand.

Always Give a Call to Action

Research has shown that people respond much better to campaigns that put up direct calls to action. If you have a Facebook page that you intend to use for marketing, you would want your fans to keep returning to it. If you do not give a call to action, it is likely that your fans may visit you once and then never get back. Let them add to your feeds because giving them such opportunities makes it more likely for them to convert from simple visitors into real fans of your page.

Be Accessible

If you are just another name in a long list of similarly named pages, it will be hard for people to find you. So, be as accessible as possible. To begin with, use the URL of your business’ Facebook page very liberally. Update your business page name, if you have not done so already, and use a name that is unique and specific to your business.

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