E3 2014 – The Best Games You Shouldn’t Miss

The upcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014 edition is going to be one of the biggest ever because it is all about games this year.

The two big platforms, PS4 and Xbox One are all set to compete against each other, while companies including EA, Ubisoft and many more,are going to show off their greatest titles. Compared to other events that took place in the past, this year is different because having finally released their new consoles last year, the companies are now busy trying to show off their best games. Unless and until there are compulsive titles available on a platform, they may not be able to convince gamers to buy them. The party time awaits players in the month of June when the conference is about to take place and here are some of the most awaited titles that are going to be shown on the stage.

Doom 4

Bethesda in association with ID has reserved a slot in Amazon for a game that is scheduled to release later this year. Earlier, it was speculated to be Fallout 4 but the game is coming on all platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and PC which rule out the rumor. It could most probably be Doom 4 and based on the listing made, the release date is scheduled for the month of November. If it is going to be a new title in the franchise, then brace yourself to be revolutionized by the developers who have a habit of changing the gaming industry every now and then. Their last outing, Rage did a fantastic job of pushing the console to its limits and Doom 3 was the pioneer of advanced graphics. Now, you do the math!

Halo 5: Guardians

The biggest and most beloved exclusive for the Xbox One console is expected to help sell the machines. While Titanfall did a good job of bringing the platform to the forefront, it was just not enough to compete against the rage PS4 created. If there is one title that could go head to head with Sony’s console, it is none other than the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians. The developers have already unveiled a poster and a teaser was shown during E3 2013. It is speculated that the game is slated for an early 2015 release but there will be more news on the same during this year’s gaming expo.

Star Wars Battlefront

EA is making a Star Wars game and it is expected to be made on a massive scale, as DICE is making it. The game play, if shown during E3 2014 will definitely steal the thunder from most other titles because of its huge fan base. The list is too huge to cover because the event is also going to witness a new Battlefield: Hardline, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, Uncharted among many other notable titles. So much is going to take place during this year’s conference and make sure that you get to watch them live on their official channels, because all of us can’t be there in person at the E3 venue right?

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