Download Top 3 Best 2014 iPhone Camera Applications

Even if some iPhone users are satisfied with the iPhone’s camera applications, many others use different applications in order to take great photos. These applications give you different options such as shutter speed, white balance or even the option to edit your photos.


VSCO cam application gives you the possibility to take photos, edit them and even share them. There is an option that lets you import photos and access them in one place. This application will also adjust focus and exposure in order to get the great looking photos you ever wanted. VSCO Cam is an easy application to use and it will surely help inexperienced users to take great photos.


Camera+ application helps you to stabilize images, but it will also let you lock white balance, focus or exposure. While using this application, you can adjust the exposure compensation, in order to make great photos even if they are taken in a darker place. It also comes with some post-editing tools which include shadows, highlights, contrast and more. If you are looking for an application which combines basic capture tools with some great post-editing tools, you should get Camera+.


One of the most popular applications to share photos, which also have some built-in camera functionality, is Instagram. Even if this application doesn’t have many photo adjustment settings, it still makes good photos. If you usually share your photos on Instagram, you will surely want this application installed on your iPhone.

Have you tried any of these applications yet? Which one do you like the most?


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