DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ – Features, Specifications, Pricing

The sport of photography enthusiasts is increasingly in need of camera drones, as these are able to capture amazing images with a view from above. DJI is a company that specializes in producing small aerial vehicles that are controlled remotely and today they offer quadcopters that have cameras with capabilities of shooting pictures and HD videos even in wind conditions of as high as 25 mph.


Their newly updated version of such a drone is the Phantom 2 Vision+, which has a 14 MP camera capable of capturing 1080 HD video with a rate of 30 fps. The integrated stabilization feature allows it to take clearer images without blur and steady videos, especially in conditions of high flight or fast winds.

The drone also offers an application for Android and iOS devices, offering a real-time view of what the camera is viewing and they will also be able to control it from a distance of up to 700 meters. A Wi-Fi network is also present in the camera, so there is no need of an additional Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Other useful features in the camera include viewing the altitude, the distance from the pilot and the strength of the battery. Even if the pilot is not at the controls, the device is able to track the location with GPS and hover in its place. The software helps it to automatically prevent the device from flying near any no fly zones or near airports. It has a relatively good battery life of a maximum of 25 minutes.


The new drone has a battery of 5200 mAh LiPo and weighs 1160g. The hover accuracy is 0.8 m in case of vertical and 2.5m for horizontal. The maximum Yaw angular velocity is 200 degrees per second with a maximum tilting angle of 35 degrees. It has a maximum ascending or descending speed of 6 meters per second and the maximum flight speed is 15 meters per second, but this is not recommended. The device has a diagonal length of 350 mm and the tilting range is zero degrees to sixty degrees. The transmitter has an operating frequency of 5.728 GHz to 5.8 GHz with 4 AA batteries and a receiver sensitivity of -93 dBm.

The Phantom 2 Vision+ comes with a camera resolution of 14 MP and a sensor size of 1/2.3 inch. It supports multi capture as well as continuous capture and also timed capture. HD recording can also be done at 1080p 30 and 1080/60i, with support for JPEG as well as RAW formats. In order to operate it, you will need an iOS version of 6.1 or anything above and in case of Android, a version of 4.0 and above. The device offers mobile support for iPhone 4s and 5s as well as iPhone 5, and iPod Touch 4 and 5. It is also available, but it is not recommended for the iPad 3 and 4, the iPad mini, and also for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, Galaxy Note 2 and 3 and devices of similar configurations. The Phantom 2 Vision+ comes with a price tag of $1,299, but the company is yet to reveal when the new drones will be available in the market.

The device is very simple to set up and also easy to fly. Thereby it is the first aerial filmmaking device, where you can shoot stabilized videos in the sky, out of the box. Such drones like the Phantom 2 Vision+ can be bought for personal use, but the pilot should make sure that the aerial vehicle is within view and should not violate any federal laws or state laws.

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