Clash of Clans – Trips and Tricks You Really Cannot Do Without

If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, there are some things about the game that you simply ought to know.

The game is played using a lot of strategy, and somehow if you do not understand these basics, you would not be able to go very far with it. It is a mobile strategy game that you just need to get a piece of. Here are some tips that should guide the flow of your game.

Understand your Resources

The entire game of Clash of Clans is based on the collection and utilization of resources. The more resources you have, the more defenses and offenses you can create. You can also make more upgrades to all your existing buildings and forces if you have adequate resources in your kitty. So understanding which resources to pillage in your multiplayer skirmishes is very important because it can be all the difference between having a great score and lots of trophies, and being farmed all the time by those more powerful than you.

Build a Labyrinth

The entire point of your defenses is to lose as little of your resources to your rivals as possible. If you have poor defenses, you will be farmed extensively, leaving very few resources for you to prep up your offenses and defenses. So the solution to this is to protect your resources. The best way to do that is to create a labyrinth of walls and keep upgrading them. This way, by the time your enemies are able to breach your walls, you will already have dwindled their strength or may have just killed them off altogether, thus saving your own precious resources from being pillaged.

Take Revenge When You Can

When your shields are down, you become prone to being attacked from all corners. Some people would want to farm you over and over again. The good thing is that you get a notification when someone has attacked you and then you have an option to take revenge. If your opponent’s shields are down, you can take revenge immediately, and that is what you should ideally aim at. The revenge options are great because it gives you an opportunity to look at your opponent’s base before you can create a strategy and attack it.

Keep Your Town Hall Protected

Your town hall is a very important building, and you have to protect it at all costs. You are instantly defeated if the enemy is able to bring down your town hall. So try and make sure that the town hall is adequately protected. You can use Teslas and traps to protect your town hall. The strategic placement of other defenses, including guard towers, air defenses and cannons, can further strengthen your defenses. Most attackers focus on destroying your defenses before they can reach the town hall, so plant hidden traps strategically to kill them off before they reach. You can funnel in the enemy troops through a weakness in the wall, and then allow them to head straight to the traps while your defenses take them out one by one.

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