Clash of Clans – The Game, Strategy and Idea Behind It

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The game of Clash of Clans, was created by Super Cell, which has added a touch of role-play to the activity where by players make their villages, and train warriors in their villages so that they can keep their village safe and also attack other villages to loot their gold and exilir.

Once you you’re your village ready, you can then take your warriors on a journey that entails pillaging villages so that the wealth of their clan increases while facing monsters and enemy clans.

The Idea behind the Game

The Clash of Clans game takes non-aggressive gamers looking for some harmless rivalry and puts them amongst other gamers, making this game a harmless adventure for children to take part in. The original idea behind Clash of Clans was to entice the younger gamers of age 13 and upwards to allow their creativity to come out and to enable them think outside the box. The game gives users engaging scenarios that will not take them too long to complete which then enables them to experience gaming in a completely new way.

Strategy and Social Involvement

The social strategy part of this game enables players to meet up with other gamers. You can in turn ask them if they would be interested in playing with you or you can choose to play on your own; it is entirely up to you. It may be that you already know other people who play Clash of Clans. If so, you may want to make a point of going to that gamers’ village; the choice is yours. What this part of the game does is allow you to see how well you can perform on your own or with others, thus enabling you to make friends inside the game and all over the world.

Creating Clans

To create an individual clan, you can randomly put yourself with other players, or you may even want to get friends and family involved. Another way of getting to know other players is by advertising on the chat/discussion boards that are available to all players.

How the Game Has Changed

Since its release back in 2012, Super Cell has been improving the game by tweaking it and making the necessary changes it required to transform the game into a much talked about video game of 2014. Its worldwide development of additional characters, items and alterations has given it the much-needed transformation but the one thing that has become successful is the ability to have conversations with company users. In turn, this has allowed gamers to use the message boards within the forum to place tips and to make suggestions which the company has taken on board and improved the game play, thus making Clash of Clans the game that millions of users take part in today. Therefore, Super Cell has made Clash of Clans a new way of gaming that incorporates the need for interaction between others and brings people together rather than creating a group of people who are alienated from everyone else in a predominantly digital world.

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