Clash of Clans – How to Do Well without Reaching out for Your Wallet

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Your village in Clash of Clans is a very important part of your overall gaming strategy. Your defense and offense capabilities are important for you to manage.

You constantly find yourself making changes to your village and Supercell continuously strives to make rearranging your village a simpler and less complicated endeavor. Unfortunately, there are many temptations to use your gems and speed up everything that is happening in the game. Therefore, if you deplete your gems, you have no other option but to purchase new ones. Here is how you can forego purchasing new gems.

Aim for Completing Achievements

It is important for you to complete your achievements if you want to earn some quick gems. This is a great way to fill up your depleting stores. Building anything in Clash of Clans takes time, and if you cannot be patient, then maybe you should try to complete achievements. There is a list of achievements on the left side of your screen, and completing them can get you great rewards in terms of both experience points and gems. Some achievements offer more points and gems than others do.

Battle it out

If you have been playing Clash of Clans regularly, you would know about leagues. There are several different leagues, and each league has a cut off trophies that can push you to the next one. Therefore, if you have a specified number of trophies won from waging wars and battling it out with other players, you will be able to enter into a league. Every league brings you bonus rewards at the end of each war. However, if you enter the Crystal League, which is the highest in all leagues, you will be able to get 250 gems at one go.

Clear Out the Fields

Have you noticed the rocks, bushes, trunks, and mushroom clusters all across the fields in your village? Clearing them out helps, you complete some of your achievements, but that is not all they do. You will also be able to find some hidden gems randomly. Removal of these rocks, stumps, trunks, and mushrooms can give you anything from 1 to 7 gems each. The more of these obstacles you remove, the more gems you will be able to accumulate. However, clearing these obstacles will cost you some gold or exilir, but if you are willing to bear these costs, you will be able to accumulate a decent amount of gems in your store.

Stagger Your Upgrades

Mostly, players need gems to expedite their upgrades because they cannot institute any new upgrades if their builders are already busy, and since there are usually only 1 or 2 builders in a village, it becomes all the more difficult to upgrade too many of your structures at the same time. It is important, therefore, to stagger your upgrades so that you do not find the need to expedite your upgrades. Planning your upgrades to occur in a systematic manner will definitely benefit you a lot. Not only will this guard your village and boost your offenses, but it will also help you conserve your gem stores largely.

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