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Are you a hardcore gamer? Do you think that mobile gaming is not only for casual players?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then we present to you the free to download Clash of Clans. Enjoying huge popularity in the last few months, the mobile game is a freemium strategy game, developed by a Finnish company. Even though, the game may not stand out at first glance, it is a true hardcore addictive experience that manages to achieve a true balance between the free-to-play and premium gameplay.

An Example for Other Freemium Games

Clash of Clans may be free to download, but as many other multiplayer games on the mobile market, it has a premium option. Those, who have tried out other MMORPGs may notice a few distinct similarities between the web-based MMORPG gameplay and the one of Clash of Clans, but the title can definitely serve as an example to other freemium games. While it delivers an exciting addictive gameplay, the game focuses on balancing the experience both free-to-play and premium users receive.

What is the Game All About?

If you haven’t heard of the free to download Clash of Clans game, you should definitely check it out. With a unique interface, the game is simple to get used to and even seems rather basic when you first start to play it. However, as the hours go by, you will be left with a ton of strategic options from which you can choose from, ensuring a satisfactory experience for the true hardcore gamers.

A True Strategic Experience

You start out with only an elixir collector, an army camp and a mine, which lets you gather resources. As you go deeper, a lot of units and buildings become unlocked, that start to unravel your inner desire for a strategic triumph. However, with a unique leveling structure, the game ensures that unlike most mobile strategy games you won’t be buried in a pile of thousands of new units and buildings you have to embrace. The approach to level unlocking used by the free to download Clash of Clans is unique in its own manner and lets you take the game slowly, delivering new items with each bite, ensuring your constant satisfaction, without chocking you up on gameplay choices.

Addictive, Enjoyable, A Must

The free to download Clash of Clans manages to combine the powerful elements of a web-based strategy game with the addictive fun that is brought by the mobile gaming world. You will be left astonished as to how fast the hours go by, while playing this game. Touching your inner strategist, the game lets you have a shared experience with others via its social aspect. Sharing your benefits and goals, when joining a clan in combination with the easy to use chat feature in the game, Clash of Clans is definitely a breath of fresh air in the mobile gaming community. Especially if you are a hardcore strategist, the game is a definite recommendation.

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