Candy Crush Saga vs Farm Heroes Saga – Hard to Choose a Favorite?

Both Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga came from the same developer, King.

It seems that the people behind the company know just enough about how to grab the attention of people. If there’s one thing that they’re good at, it’s creating games that are good at passing the time without demanding your full attention. If you’re looking for a game that’s simple and yet exciting to play, just choose from King’s wide selection of apps and you will definitely pick a favorite.

Candy Crush Saga Set the Bar High

They’ve released a handful of apps but arguably, nothing can still compare to the novelty that is Candy Crush Saga. It is the company’s most popular and successful game so far. With Candy Crush Saga setting the bar high up for them, it is always a challenge for the company to come up with an app that doesn’t necessarily have to be on the same level with Candy Crush Saga, but at least something that can compete well enough.

Farm Heroes Saga is Close Enough

With the launch of Farm Heroes Saga, King is somewhat able to create something different but still gave the same purpose of the company. It’s still the same match-three genre that has become the trademark of King, and you will earn from one to three stars, depending on your score. The gameplay is something we’re familiar from King’s other games of the same genre with its boardgame-style and each level has to be cleared to advance to the next.


Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, as their names would suggest, have a candy theme and farm theme, respectively. In Farm Heroes Saga, you will be matching up fruits and vegetables, while it’s candies in Candy Crush Saga. Farm Heroes Saga has farm characters including a dog and Rancid the Raccoon. Candy Crush Saga has the candy fairy and Odus, the owl.

Graphics and Gameplay

King didn’t leave out anything in terms of graphics. Both of the apps have wonderful colorful graphics that make them more appealing to play. Candy Crush has a better gameplay than Farm Heroes Saga with its color-coded rewards. They have more addicting sound effects and more satisfying huge cascades of candies when you hit the right spot.

Factor in Health

If you’re health-conscious, you might want to consider the health factor that comes with the two apps. Do you want your children to play an app that would make them want to eat nothing but candies and chocolates? Candy Crush Saga makes candies and chocolates a hundred percent tastier with their vibrant colors. If you wish to use the app to make your children eat healthier food, then what better way to do it than introducing them to Farm Heroes Saga that’s full of healthy fruits and vegetables?

Final Decision

It’s very hard to choose between these two marvelous games. They don’t exactly differ from one another, but if you have time to play more than one game of the same genre, we suggest you just download and play both. It’s easier for all of us.

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