Candy Crush Saga Mobile Game – What’s Special about Dreamworld

What’s Special about Dreamworld

At present, Candy Crush Saga has 590 levels, within 40 episodes, with each episode containing 15 levels in it, except the Candy Town and the Candy Factory episode, both of which have only 10 levels each. The game has different types of levels, such as the moves level where you obtain points through a certain fixed number of moves.

Some levels involve clearing off the jelly on the board, while others involve bringing down ingredients from the top to the bottom. There are also some levels that are timed and you need to get a certain amount of points within a fixed time limit of 2 minutes or so.

The Candy order is another type of level, where you need to finish the orders mentioned in the board within a stipulated number of moves. The jelly levels are the more common ones, while the score target within a time limit is the rare one.

Dreamworld Update

The Dreamworld is a new update that offers a separate world away from the regular one and it has 260 levels. They are also similar to the original levels in the game, but blockers are introduced early on in the game. The Dreamworld has a few episodes but the levels are not very different from one another.

There is no story beforehand as well. You will find an Owl named Odus in each of the levels. The owl is perched on a moon scale and has two different colored candies placed on either side of him. The player is supposed to balance these two candies or he will fail in this level.

Moon Struck  

The Dreamworld has something known as being Moon Struck, which occurs when the moon scale is filled up to the top, due to your moves. This results in complete removal of one or even two of the colors in the board.

It is not known whether more levels will be added to this Dreamworld update, as it is still in trial, with the latest episode released being the Marshmallow Madness, released on May 14th, 2014.

Massive Update

The Dreamworld game mode is a massive game update with the player having to complete a minimum of 50 levels in the original game in order to access this new world. The game continues with the same standard match three motifs, but in addition, you have to prevent Odus from falling off his perch from the moon.

You need to clear an equal number of both the colored candies present on either side of Odus. For instance, if Odus has blue and yellow candies on either side of him and if you clear too many yellow candies, he will shift to the yellow side, thus putting him off balance and he will fall off the moon, ending your game abruptly.

At present, there are 65 levels to the Dream World update of Candy Crush Saga, with the levels requiring the player to reach a particular target or clearing some jellies or bringing down ingredients, as usual. However, the developers have added a twist with a new add on of Odus, without making the game or the experience a separate download.

What is Expected?

It is not known whether the original game will be expanded to beyond its 500 levels, but both the worlds are sure to get continuing updates. The game is a very popular one on Facebook and it is a top grosser in the Android as well as the iOS stores, being downloaded 500 million times and even more within just a year.

It is reported that Candy Crush Saga rakes in about $850,000 per day and it is only likely to increase. The game can be accessed from iOS and Android devices as well as through desktops through Facebook.

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