Candy Crush Saga – How to Sweeten Up Your Life?

If you are a Facebook App game player, Candy Crush Saga is a must.

It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Try to check what people are doing with their mobile devices when they have time in their hands. When people are in the trains, on the bus, or just waiting for something or someone, they will most likely be playing a game on their smartphones. And chances are that if you are close enough to them, you will hear the familiar candy crushing sounds of the now tremendously popular game, Candy Crush.

In appearance, it is a typical Match 3 game, but many have found this game extraordinarily fascinating and exciting. As an offshoot of the now every growing mobile gaming revolution, Candy Crush Saga resembles to Willy Wonka or Kirby’s Epic Yarn. But aside from its overly simplistic design that invokes nostalgia of old time, Candy Crush Saga’s kid-friendly transition between levels has earned it an endearing reputation among the users.

Download Candy Crush Saga for free to join the bandwagon to a new level. If you are used to the traditional settings of battle, the game will appear too easy at first. But its reputation grows strong even among the toughest gamers because many have found Candy Crush’s simplicity intriguing and hard to resist. Indeed, in Candy Crush Saga, your game experience will take a new phase in which you will face the mindboggling charm it poses, candy-sweet and sugar crushed.

What to Expect From the World’s No.1 Game

Candy Crush Saga gives you a set of rules to easy to follow, but do not underestimate the challenge. Guard yourself from sweetened surprise that will turn out fatal. You may think you will conquer the game, hands down, but you will sooner than later find yourself frantically searching the way of finding more lives. It is a luring seduction embedded in the form of simplicity that entices you all the way. Realistically, you will use up all your lives before you ever get used to the game.

Game Tricks and Tweaks

If you use up your lives, there is a lapse unless you pay for bonus play, or your friends donate some lives for you. It will make you crash and burn at first. But there is a way to get around this annoying lapse.

To increase the number of lives on iPhone or iPad, you must go to ‘Settings’ and set the ‘Set Automatically’ option off and make it several days ahead. Start the game and resume your adventure with renewed lives free for all. Candy Crush will intrigue you in each level you pass. Its sweet flavor draws insatiable appetite out of you for more.

If you got stuck at a level for a long time, you still want to take the challenge. You will be charmed by the kind of magic Candy Crush Saga gives you as the combination of different candies produces a new type of power; it may be friendly or hostile. You wouldn’t know until you actually have done it like a chemist. The process of learning to play this game is a gem. For example, combining a colored bomb and a striped candy will make it easy to get jelly stuffs in the corners.

It is also important to look over the board just before you start off a level, because one piece can lead to a cascading effect onto the entire game. It is distractions and obstacles that stand in your way. You cannot afford to allow those chocolates or candy bombs to ruin your day.

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