Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Team Got Special E3 Announcements

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The co-founders of the studio Sledgehammer games, Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield are literally excited about their announcement during E3 2014 conference.

Even though, the game‘s official trailer is already released and has opened to rave reviews, the duo promises that they have some special updates regarding the title. The studio will make use of their time during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest gaming event to take place every year. One of the chief elements that turned the tide in favor of the new Call of Duty game is that, it featured Kevin Spacey, an actor known for his versatile performance and brilliant acting. At this point, it is important to note that Sledgehammer was the team which developed Modern Warfare 3 in association with Infinity Ward. The studio has a strong track record of delivering the best story lines in the series, and if you are ardent follower of the game, you could hardly forget Captain Price or Soap Mactavish.

2 ½ Years Spent On the Plot

Glen took to Twitter to answer a fan who was really excited about the plot of the upcoming game, that they have spent over two and a half years in developing the story. With so much effort put into it, the team believes they are prepared to recreate the magic as they did with the Modern Warfare series. On the whole, Sledgehammer has spent a little over three years on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which proves their dedication to the title. A lot of new information about the game is expected to be unveiled during the E3 2014 conference. In their recent Twitter feed, the company co-founders added that they have some incredibly special stuff to share during the event and it is the first they are going to go on-stage after a long gap. They were on-stage during the Modern Warfare 3 announcement and now the team is putting in their best efforts to go beyond the phenomenal success that MW created for the Call of Duty franchise.

Focus On Single Player Campaign

The single player campaign has always been the core selling point for the COD series unlike Battlefield which relies on huge multiplayer battles. Even though, the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have a great multi-player aspect, the storyline is going to lead the game to its victory. Going by the team’s statement, it is evident that they have worked a lot to bring out the best and Kevin Spacey is the leader of the rebel force. The plot is set in 2054 where private military decides to take over the U.S. government and they are already equipped with some of the best gear available. The game is scheduled to release on multiple platforms on November 4 but it may get a game play trailer during the E3 event which is scheduled to take place in the month of June.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our years of hard work with you and the entire studio is excited about it,” says their Tweet. Sounds promising without a doubt!

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