Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Features Some Great Future Tech

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Everything related to Call of Duty is exciting and the franchise managed to hold the hype for over a decade which is an astonishing feat in itself.

The last in the series Ghosts didn’t witness amazing success but it is expected to change with the upcoming game. Made by Sledgehammer games, the team that worked with Infinity Ward to bring the excellent Modern Warfare series, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a title which pushes the sci-fi shooter concept as far into the future as possible! We bring you some interesting information with regards to the weapons and the vehicles found in the game. It has rifles which are capable of 3D printing the required ammo inside itself, an advanced hover bike and plasma powered rifles.

Hover Bike

The ground design for this hover bike comes from motorbikes and snowmobiles but everything else is different, says Sledgehammer games. The vehicle uses a smart glass system which is capable of blending with other elements in the game and has an angular armor which actively deflects bullets fired at it. It can seat only one soldier at a time and is part of the level where players are supposed to escape the city of Detroit. The high-speed chase sequences are one of the highlights of the COD series and it is expected to be faster paced than ever in this title.

Rifle with 3D Printer

It might sound bit crazy at this point but technology could take us anywhere into the future. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is all set to push our imagination to the far future as possible where you just have to push the liquid matter into the gun. It is integrated with a 3D printer inside which will automatically start printing the bullets and the digital ammo counter will rise as the process continues. It is expected that this weapon will have lower reload times and have access to near unlimited ammo, giving an unfair advantage to the one who wields it in the battlefield.

Plasma Rifle

Another widely known futuristic weapon is the plasma rifle which will makes its appearance in the game. It is going to be a large firepower weapon which will be capable of not just killing enemies but even blast an enemy vehicle of its course. The actual firepower for the gun is yet to be confirmed and you will be able to explore it in-depth only when the game launches in November.

Exo Suit, Aircraft and Tanks

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is all about the exo suit that players get to wear in-game and gain super human speed, strength as well as power. Even though it strongly resembles the Nano suit used in the Crysis games, it is different on multiple terms, claims Sledgehammer games. The suit will alter the game play in drastic methods and will even allow the wearer to lift heavy items. Stay tuned till November to experience the best things that the game has to offer.

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