Best Ways to Run Android Apps on PC – Did You Know?

Smartphone and tablet users know the constant struggle of having to juggle between using their smartphone or tablet and their computer.

Even though you must have already known how to share data between these two operating systems, using cloud sharing or via USB and Bluetooth, many of us still look for a way to run our favorite Android Apps on PC.

Running Android Apps on PC Using BlueStacks

There are different reasons why many people want to download Android Apps on PC, especially now that Windows 8 PCs and tablets are available where you can now play touch-enabled games on. If you wish to enjoy Android apps on your Windows 8 computers, you can do so by installing an Android app emulator. BlueStacks is the best way and one of the most popular ways to run Android Apps on PC. What BlueStacks does is it just runs the apps and games within a separate window on your computer without replacing the Windows.

Using of BlueStacks Player

You can use Android apps just like how you would use them on any supported devices and like other programs on your computer. Apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store using BlueStacks, and the best part is that it allows you to download and run Android Apps on PC quite well. BlueStacks does not replace your operating system. It only offers a solution to download and run Android Apps on PC. There are other solutions that you can find but BlueStacks is the most stable and most polished one.

Using the Official Emulator of Android

You can also use the official emulator by Google that comes with the Android SDK. The emulator is used to run Android within a window on your desktop. The emulator grants the right to use this operating system. It’s mostly used by developers so they can test the Android apps they are developing.

How to Install the Emulator

Download Google’s Android SDK and then open the Manager program. From there, select Tools and then Manage AVDs. Create an AVD (Android Virtual Device) with your selected configuration by clicking the new button. Select the AVD you created and then click on the Start button to launch the emulator. You can now start using the official Android emulator of Google.


You wouldn’t want to continue to use this emulator, though. It is slow unlike BlueStacks and is not meant for everyday use. As mentioned, it’s more useful for developers or if you want to try the latest version of Android. If you were looking to play games or use apps in it, you would do better to look for another way to run Android Apps on PC.

Choose BlueStacks Player

If you’re planning on buying an Android smartphone or tablet but don’t know what to expect, you can start by downloading BlueStacks Player on your computer and run Android Apps in it. This way, you’ll know what to expect once you’ve finally purchased an Android device. You can also use the BlueStacks Player to try out new apps and games from Android.

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