Best Budget Digital Cameras – Great Choices for Beginners

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If you are looking for a digital camera but are on a limited budget, these are some of the best compact cameras that you can purchase, which are ideal for beginners.

It is but natural that such cameras cannot come with the full range of features, but you can find features, such as built in Wi Fi and so on even in these budget models.

Samsung WB25OF

The smart camera has plenty of wireless features and many shooting options and modes for various types of shooting. The pop up flash is also very handy, giving excellent quality of video and photos at a reasonable price of $138 to $245. Samsung is way ahead of the competition when it comes to Wi Fi implementation in its cameras. You get an affordable point and shoot camera with an 18x zooming lens and a CMOS sensor of 14 MP. You can also automatically send the photos to a smartphone and even back it up in a cloud storage and email photos directly from the camera.

Nikon Coolpix S6300

The Nikon Coolpix S6300 is a lightweight digital camera with an ultra wide angle of 10x zooming lens. It has several useful shooting options. It is better than the average digital camera and is available at a low price of $199. The CMOS sensor is backside illuminated and it enables additional shooting modes, such as full HD, slow motion, burst shooting at high speeds of 6fps even in the 16 MP resolution. However, it has a lot of competition and the low light picture quality is not so good.

Nikon Coolpix L610 

The features of this digital camera are surely above average, with a CMOS sensor that is backside illuminated and a 14x zoom. It is a good entry-level camera offered at $239 and a compact one with a long zoom, being powered by AA batteries. Low light results are also quite reasonable with a good shooting performance but it works best when used in good lighting, specifically when you use the zoom lens. It is small and light and offers good detail, but there is some noise visible even in very low ISOs, when you view the photos in the full size.

Canon PowerShot SX160 IS

The digital camera has a wide range of shooting options, from a full manual up to a full auto. The controls are big and are very easy to use and it has the convenience of the AA batteries. It is an inexpensive option, being available at around $124 and is suitable for those who are price conscious. However, it is a bit big and rather bulky and does not boast of all the newest features found in the competition. It is a competent point and shoot camera and offers good control over shutter speeds, aperture and so on. Framing flexibility is also offered with the 16x zoom lens and it is very convenient to use while travelling. It is highly suitable for beginners or for the casual photographer giving you much better pictures than the average smartphone at an affordable price.

Canon PowerShot A2400 IS 

This camera has a very good picture quality and is full of various effects and fillers. It is a simple camera for casual photographers and is an entry level point and shoot camera. The 16 MP cameras perform rather slowly, however, and can only be a good choice for taking pictures of a patient subject that is taken in daylight, as it is not too good for indoor shooting. The quality is not too good at the higher ISOs, so the more the light the better the pictures. Detail and sharpness of the picture are good and you can improve it with photo editors. The color consistency is good at the higher ISOs, making the pictures better than other cameras in the price range. It offers excellent color performance, with bright and accurate color at a reasonable price of about $89 to $146.

All the above cameras are digital ones offered at reasonable prices. In addition, they are not subpar models either and are excellent for the casual shooter.

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