Apple Remote Desktop 3 – Features And Styles

What is the Apple Remote for the Mac?

The Apple Remote Desktop 3 is an administration-oriented software that enables a remote control for taking control of Macs through a network. Businesses can enable the Apple Remote Desktop sharing feature in their system preferences for their clients’ Macs and the display of the remote machine will be shown in the window of your Mac, including a full size window. This enables businesses to perform different operations related to their clients’ desktops right from their own desktop. All that the clients need to do is to enable the Apple Remote Desktop sharing feature in their system preferences and keep updating it with the latest versions. In fact, this can also be done remotely after the sharing option is on.

Managing several Macs simultaneously can be difficult, as you have to go through several procedures, such as upgrading the software, setting preferences and run the maintenance scripts repeatedly. You may even have to go around to several buildings and different sites to do this. This is the reason why the Apple Remote Desktop has become so popular. The ARD offers a combination of several tools for viewing other users’ screen and control and fix it as well.

Smart List

 The version 3 of Apple Remote Desktop has a Smart List feature, which enables the filtering of computers matching specific criteria. Many business administration personnel will find this feature extremely useful, as you can create a new smart list with the feature and then filter the computers based on various criteria, such as their IP address range, their machine model, the OS versions, the RAM capacity and several other aspects. It is very simple to set up this Smart List, though there might be some bugs, but the updates will fix these issues.

Curtain Mode

Apple Remote Desktop 2 version offered a whole set of useful features, but the ARD 3 adds a lot to it. This is very useful, especially if you have moved on to the Tiger. The Curtain Mode is one such useful addition. In the previous versions, you were able to view as well as control the keyboard and the mouse of all the Macs in the list. The new version offers a Curtain Mode whereby you can stop the other user or the end user from viewing what you are doing and lock the screen, so that there is no interference from the end user.

Drag and Drop Files

This is another useful feature of the ARD 3, where you are able to drag a file and drop it from your Mac to the controlled ones or vice versa. You can also copy as well as paste images as well as text to and from your Mac and the controlled ones. This feature is very useful when you wish to enter some serial numbers in the software from the database for some new applications that have to be registered.

Improved Performance 

The new version of Apple Remote Desktop 3 also enhances performance. The previous versions reported a slow screen rate for redraw. There were also some issues in controlling and monitoring Windows as well as Linux machines with the use of VNC and these have also been addressed and fixed in the new version. System administrators can also now run a UNIX command or user of their choice on the machines and this can result in a lot of time saving, as they don’t have to enable the Remote Login in each of the Mac machines and remember the password and the user ID for each of them before they run a command.

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