Apple MacBook Air 2014 – Reason To Wait For It

Apple surely did not make a mistake with the 2013 MacBook Air, but consumers were extremely disappointed that they still did not introduce a retina display. Finally it seems the answer is upon us, if they did give the 11-inch and the 13 inch models of last year retina display, the 2014 models would have been a mere revision of the older models. Unfortunately, they did disappoint again although the 2014 models are a huge improvement they lacked what was expected. Consumers want improved battery life and most importantly, Retina display.

If rumors are true and there are just too many, then consumers have reason to wait until after the WWDC 2014 event where the latest model should be revealed. The expected new MacBook Air 2014 will surprise consumers with quite a few upgrades, look at the main reasons to wait for the 2014 MacBook Air.

Design of MacBook Air 2014

Reportedly, Apple is using watchmakers in fitting components into the new design with its extra-small frame; it will be lighter and thinner even than the 11-inch model. The most prominent feature everyone is looking for in the new MacBook Air is retina display, which it supposedly will have. Allegedly, Apple plans a new touch-pad that will not have the usual physical click. The design is also rumored to be fan-less, which makes sense in freeing up some space. A new flexible battery technology is also rumored for the 2014 model.

If reports, rumors and leaks are to believed it may not be quite a 12-inch display either. With the designers and extra watchmakers involved it seems it will not be a 12-inch MacBook Air that is built into an 11.6-inch frame. The latest reports have it that it will be an 11.6-inch Retina display similar in size of a 10.1-inch net-book frame. Rumors also suggest that the MacBook Air will have Retina resolutions of 2304 x 1440.

However, consumers will have to wait and see as it may be challenging in order to deliver a keyboard and track pad with function and usability when there is very little room for downsizing an 11.6-inch. The flexible battery technology, which reportedly delivers a battery life of up to twelve hours, will be able to fit in anywhere inside the design.

4K Monitor Support and Thunderbolt 2

Rumors points to the inclusion of Thunderbolt 2 ports on the MacBook Air later in the year in support of 4K displays.

Better Performance

Apple always improves on performance of new models and with the major changes they have in store, it is expected that the newest model will have better performance than the latest 11 and 13-inch models of 2014. The details of the improved performance are not quite clear just that Apple is working on a completely different type of RAM.

Possible Price

Obviously, it is only speculation, but considering the prices of the 2014 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air, it is possible with the major changes and specifications, that the entry-level price will be around $1,199.

So in summary here’s the main reasons to wait for the new 2014 MacBook Air:

  • Retina display with 2304 x 1440 resolutions
  • Thunderbolt 2 port
  • 4K Monitor support
  • Better performance
  • Thinner than any competitor
  • Improved battery life, longer than 12 hours

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