Apple iPhone 5C vs LG G Flex – Specs and Best Prices Comparison

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Launched relatively close together in 2013 these devices have something to prove to all users.

LG G comes with a curved hull that brings a higher sound quality, a rear key for avoiding power leaking and it has a super self-healing coating. Users will be blown away after reading these devices specs.

Display and Device

LG G Flex device is tooled up with a 6inches Curved POLED Real RGB display, i.e. a curved/bent body and display that renders a resolution of 720x1280pixels, having a pixel density of 367 ppi.
iPhone 5C is rigged up with a 4 inch IPS LCD touch screen, with a Retina display (800:1 contrast provider) that renders a resolution of 640x1136pixels, having a pixel density of 326ppi.
Closely thick, the LG G Flex is 0,31inches at 177grams whereas iPhone 5C is 0,35inches at 132grams.

Hardware, Software and Internal Memory

The LG G Flex uses a 2,2GHz quad core krait 400 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. It has 2GB of RAM.
iPhone is equipped with a 1,3GHz dual core Apple A6 processor that uses 1GB of RAM.
Using the Android 4.2 platform the LG G Flex is functioning on the Jelly Bean operating system, besides LG’s particular Optimus 3.0 UI.
iPhone is going with the iOS 7 operating system.
With two variants of internal memory of 16GB and 32GB the iPhone device has no possibility of enhancement whatsoever. LG’s device has only one version of 32GB and the same impossibility of enhancement.


Main camera on LG G Flex has 13MP with LED flash. Its second one has 2,1MP.
The principal camera on iPhone 5C has 8MP with LED flash. Its second one has 1,2MP. iPhone’s bigger defect is that when the light is off, so the quality of the frames is.


Your talking time with the 3500mAh battery owned by LG device is 15hours, with a 15days stand by whereas the talking time with iPhone 5c’s 1507mAh battery is only 10hours and 10days of stand-by.


A micro-SIM is used on LG G Flex and a nano-SIM genre on iPhone 5C device.

The only dye on LG G Flex is the titan silver shade whereas the iPhone is painted in 5 color tones: blue, pink, white, green and yellow.


These devices can sustain Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 5GHz and an USB charging. Moreover that, the LG puts up with NFC whereas the iPhone 5C has TV-Out and mobile hot spot.


Apple iPhone 5C starts at the price of 507,55 dollars while the LG G Flex can be found at the price of 524,99 dollars.

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