Angry Birds – Why is This Free Download App so Popular?

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Unless you have been living on Neptune, you are probably aware of Angry Birds.

The free to download game has had a huge impact on mobile gaming. Before the game was released, nobody truly concentrated on the popularity that casual mobile games can achieve. First released for the iOS for just 0.99$ and then for the Android as a free download, Angry Birds is a true phenomenon of modern culture. However, why is the free download app so popular?

What inspired Rovio

Rovio Entertainment, first named Relude, is a gaming development company based in Finland. Even though they officially started out back in 2003, they were doing freelance work and projects for other companies. It wasn’t until 2009 that the company decided to start working on original internal projects. Different teams in the company were coming up with sophisticated, well researched ideas for games. However, one of the teams went with just creating a screenshot of an original character – a bird without wings, rolling on the ground. This angry bird character made quite an impression and inspired the developers at Rovio to create a whole game around it, Angry Birds that eventually made it big, known all around the world.

Why is the Game so Popular?

When it comes to popularity, there isn’t a straightforward formula for success. Even though researchers try to find an answer to the popularity of Angry Birds, there just isn’t anything certain. However, the most probable cause for the game’s success is a combination of a bit of luck, right timing and amazing characteristics. Back in 2009, almost no one actually thought that mobile gaming would become such a hit and the mobile gaming niche was overlooked by most developers. However, Rovio made the choice to go forward with it. Releasing the game for just $0.99 ensured that it will be affordable, but it wasn’t just the right timing and the price. The third most important factor for the success of Angry Birds is the game itself. Not only the gameplay of the game is quite addictive, but the characters are appealing to a huge audience, including young children and adults alike.

The Future of Angry Birds

Even though most gaming franchises that make it big, in a day, die out after a certain time, the future of Angry Birds is looking brighter than ever. As Rovio Entertainment is working hard on keeping the game alive, they are taking risks that will ensure the future of the game. Two new titles are currently in the works. Angry Birds Epic is a turn-based role-playing game mixed with a bit of fighting and crafting, while the other is Angry Birds Stella. The second game is said to focus on adventure and inspiration. Later this year, Rovio Entertainment will also be releasing, with the help of IDW publishers, an Angry Birds comic series.

The release dates for both Angry Birds Epic and Stella are still unknown. However, the comic series should hit the market no later than June, 2014.

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