Angry Birds – Just Choose and Shoot

Angry Birds is a cross platform video game designed by Finnish Computer Game designer Rovio Entertainment.

The game was first launched for the iOS platform in December 2009 and soon it attracted a lot of people round the globe. Till date, over 2 billion downloads have been made for this single game. The popularity of the game became so high that it became a full time console game for PCs and smartphones. There have been many updates and versions of the game that have been released till date and now a full time movie is being made on Angry Birds with all its characters and antagonists.

Developments and Versions

Angry Birds has released many versions of the game which are available for the common public. The different versions are made to entertain the crowd and to give them a feel of space and star wars. The names of the versions are like Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, etc. Apart from playing this game on your laptops and PCs; one can enter the world of Angry Birds in Finland where a whole amusement park on the theme Angry Birds has been established. Also, to entertain the kids, the company has launched various merchandises in the form of toys, print materials, beverages, etc. NASA and Rovio have recently opened a park named as “Angry Birds Space Encounter” where one can get the real time experience of shooting birds on the pigs. There are many tips and tricks of the game through which one can score maximum points. But the charm of the game lies in playing it with innocence.

Comparison Which Is Worthless

The trend shows that whenever a game or a system becomes popular in the market, new competitors enter to challenge the throne. One such game is Flappy Bird. There are many comparisons between these two games but it is clear that both the games have a completely different gameplay and except from the name there are no such similarities between the two. Apart from the gameplay, the graphics and variety of both the games are miles apart. Angry Birds provides exponentially better graphics than Flappy Bird and the interface is much superior to the newcomer. The color quality of the game is also much better than Flappy Bird. Angry Birds is still available on the internet to download while Flappy Birds has been taken off.

Play Yourself and Unleash the Fun

There have been many controversies related to Angry Birds, some of which state that the users who play this game are vulnerable to leakage of their personal data and even sexual orientation to the NSA and GCHQ, as claimed by Edward Snowden. Despite of all such vulnerabilities, the franchise has won many awards, including the “most downloaded freemium game of all time.” If you have not played this game till date, then forget about all the rumors and just download it to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

If you are searching for fun then this game is worth trying. Hurry up, the birds are angry and they are waiting for you!

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