Angry Birds Go – Top 10 Best 2014 Tricks, Tips and Cheats!

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One of the most popular games from the Angry Birds franchise is “Angry Birds GO!”. In this game you can choose your favorite “Angry Birds” character and race with it. Are you stuck in a specific race? Then no problem, because today we’re going to give you some tricks, tips and cheats that will help you succeed in this game.

1. Buy the coin doubler!

We know that most of the players don’t buy games or in-game items, but if you are one of those who does spend some cash on this kind of games, we suggest you to buy the “coin doubler” which costs $6.99 and the point is that this feature is for unlimited time. So, if you buy this feature, all your collected coins will be doubled!

2. Cut the corners in order to pass your opponent

We all know that cutting the corners will help us defeat the opponent, because in that way we don’t have to reduce the speed too much in order to curve faster. But in case you are far away from your opponent, we suggest you to focus on taking the coins, even if that means you won’t be able to cut the corner because of that.

3. Power ups timing is the key

You have limited power ups and because of that you have to use them wisely. Don’t rush to use the speed boost if not very far you have to turn left or right and, because of that, you will have to slow down.

4. A good launch off can help you win the race!

At the beginning of a race you will have to launch off. A good aim can bring you a good start and therefore, you’ll win the race! Try aiming the inside of the track and guess where your opponent will aim, in order to prepare your next move as soon as your kart lands.

5. Upgrading top speed and acceleration is the top priority

Using gold which you’ll get while racing, you can upgrade your kart. Since this is a race type of game and acceleration and top speed will always matter, we suggest you to upgrade those, so in this way you will always keep the distance between you and your opponents.

6. Using gems for skipping races is a no-no

Spending gems for skipping races should be used as a last resort. It will cost you at least 10 gems and it’s not worth it. Retry the race a few times before you decide to spend gems for skipping it.

7. Don’t spend your gems “energizing” your birds!

Every time your bird is out of energy you will have to wait 20 minutes in order to use it again. There is a known glitch that allows you to avoid those 20 minutes of waiting, by setting your iPhone or iPad in “Airplane mode” and simply by changing the time ahead with one hour. After doing that, your bird will be ready to race!

8. Using Facebook to get double rewards

If you sign into Facebook account, you get double rewards in the game, so make sure you don’t miss that!

9. Daily events must be done!

Every day you get a daily event where you can participate to win coins or gems!

10. Codes for Angry Birds Go!

There are many special codes from sponsors that you can redeem. For example, there is the “Jenga” code, which reveals a special pirate themed mini game. Too bad that not many codes you’ll find over the internet are valid.

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