Adobe Flash Player 13 – Features You Should Know Before You Download for Free

The Adobe Flash Player 13 is still in the beta stage for desktops.

It offers innovative features for the user to engage in a rich digital experience, with the ability to be used on cross platform browsers. Users can view rich content and Internet apps or videos on various devices. The new beta release of Adobe Flash Player 13 has also resolved many issues and bugs and offered increased security and stability as well as enhanced performance, offering compatibility with more devices. The full size of the new version is 16.95 MB and it is free for download.

The beta release of the 13 version is code named as King and it offers the user the Flash Player runtime in case of the Windows desktop as well as Mac operating systems.

Textfield Support

The supplementary characters have been enhanced and it supports the surrogate pairs for greater control in TextField. The TextField control enables characters to work correctly and helps developers by increasing the code point range supported, by including characters, such as emoticons and CCJK characters. The feature has been incorporated as a beta stage and will be included in the released version of Adobe Flash Player 13.

Tweaks for Full Screen Video Messages

The feature for pressing escape in order to exit from the full screen mode has also been tweaked in this version. There have been complaints regarding this feature, as users felt that the message used to obscure the content on the screen. Adobe wanted to make a change that would satisfy the users’ concerns as well as satisfy security issues, without disrupting viewer enjoyment. In order to do this, the new version Adobe Flash Player 13 has shifted the message ‘press esc to exit full screen mode’ towards the upper portion of the screen, whereas previously it used to be in the center of the screen. However, this feature is only working in the case of YouTube and other videos that are hardware accelerated.

Guidance for Testing

Video capabilities have also been enhanced with this release along with the support for a new platform. The beta release is checking out the feedback related to stability as well as compatibility related to content that currently exists in several platforms.

Updated Features

The Stage 3D is a new texture wrapping mode seen in this new version. At present, you are able to set wrapping modes to either repeat or to clamp. With the new version, the repeat texture is now possible using two parameters. The Stage 3D Anti Aliasing feature is a new technology that enhances picture quality. This has already been employed in desktop platforms.

Issues Fixed

Apart from the Press Esc to exit the full screen mode fixture mentioned above, the Adobe Flash Player 13 also offers fixes for many other issues. The Flash Player used to previously poll GamePad prior to the GamePad API being invoked and this has been resolved. In many cases, the content was not able to be fully loaded and this too has been fixed. You can also access the native control panel of the Player by right clicking on the context menu in the new version.


Before you download and install the new version of Adobe Flash Player 13, it is important to uninstall any other previous version. There are also certain system minimum requirements in order to install this version. In case of netbooks, it is important to have 1 GB of RAM, whereas in other systems, you need a recommended RAM of 512 MB with 512 MB in case of graphics memory. This is an increase in the graphics memory requirement, as the Adobe Flash Player 12 only required a 128MB graphics memory.

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