6 Best Tablets for Business and Office Work

When you are looking to buy tablets that will assist you in professional use, there are plenty of choices that you have at hand.

The options that you are going to have are diverse and so you can explore the different models and then pick the one that seem to be ideal for you.

  1. Apple iPad Air

When we are talking about the best business tablets, you just can’t miss the Apple iPad air. This is the thinnest and the smartest iPad so far and it comes loaded with some of the finest specifications that can help you serve your need. The reviews for iPad Air have been extremely promising as the smart Apple processor will allow you to concurrently send emails, download files, create notes and do more.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro

This Windows 8 pro device which comes in the form of tablet offers some of the best features that one can ask for. It is smartly designed and is configured with some of the most impressive designs. The kind of smoothness that you will get when you are running the apps is excellent. You will find ample apps that will help you carry out your business related work. When you are in the office and looking for a smart and portable choice, this tablet by Microsoft is definitely a good option to consider.

  1. Nexus 10

Google created quite a stir when it launched Nexus 10. For business minded people, this is definitely the tablet you need to watch out for. The Nexus 10 seems to be the tablet that can give iPad a run for its money. The processor is brilliant and it is ideal for those who wish to multitask and carry out different operations together. The app support is excellent and the RAM that is offered will allow you to work on your business needs in an apt manner.

  1. Sony Xperia Z

When we are talking of top business tablets that you can use, how can Sony be left behind in this race? The Xperia tablets have managed to make a commendable name for themselves and the kind of specifications that they offer is hugely impressive. The design of this tablet is handy and it is ideal for carrying to offices because you will find it to be portable. When it comes to connectivity and support for emails, presentations, making clips and more, this tablet is not going to disappoint you. The graphics and display is promising too which makes it fit for viewing your files.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Sometimes, when you are buying a tablet for business use, you will have a preference for a larger screen and in such cases, Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 seems to be a smart choice. The display resolution is sharper than what the iPad has to offer and this in itself is a proof of the clarity you will get. Users have the option of opening two windows simultaneously and this will be of tremendous use when you are multitasking or even comparing files for your office use.

  1. Lenovo Miix 2

With the Zippy Bay trail processor, this 8 inch tablet is an extremely impressive choice for office people. You will find it to be affordable, economical and yet it has all those features which the high end tablets will offer. You can access your emails on the go and enjoy a plethora of different apps together. The long battery life ensures that you can fall back on your tablet on those days when you have too much work to finish. The app support is extremely commendable.


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