5 Reasons: Why We Are More Addicted to Our Smartphones

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Living Life through Your Smartphones

Many studies have shown that more and more people are becoming addicted to mobile phones due to the increasing number of models and the various services and applications offered through these devices. It has become a kind of social malaise and has become a cell phone mania.

Initially, the phone was a useful instrument for contacting people at all times, enabling better relations. However, today, people have the mobile phone with them all the time and are able to manage several activities in their life, by using the calendar, the clock and the address book as well as the video camera and the games. There are many factors causing such addiction, as explained below.

1-Addiction to Games

Many of us are guilty of playing and wasting plenty of hours on mobile games, beating friends’ scores and playing into the wee hours of the morning, when we should be fast asleep. Increasing number of teenagers as well as older people spend too much time sitting all by themselves playing mobile games at the expense of real life activities.

2-A Wide Range of Apps

Many smartphones have several game applications as well as other apps for various tasks, such as fitness and health apps, sports apps and so on. Many people say that many brain games and apps can help increase cognitive power, but the disadvantage is that it takes the time that you would otherwise spend with family and friends or your children, reducing time needed for maintaining good health.

Such apps are taking over our real life by replacing family time and television time as well as much-needed sleep time. Internet app developers are also continually creating more and more apps and you can play online games, watch YouTube videos, and check out your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter all through your smartphone.

3-Faster Internet

Today, you need not carry a GPS or a map with you. You don’t need a portable DVD player or an MP3 player, as your smartphone has it all in a compact device. You can also use your smartphone instead of your computer or your television and with the Internet speed increasing day by day, any information you need is literally at the tips of your fingers with a smartphone in hand.

4-Photo Applications

Users are also spending a significant part of their time in photo and video apps. When you have a smartphone, you feel like taking a snap of everything that is around you with a tourist like attitude. People even want to take pictures of everything that they eat and then publish it in the social media. Are others really interested in knowing whether you had sweet potatoes or pasta for dinner?

Instead of making the most of your holiday in a beautiful tourist spot, you are more interested in taking pictures on your mobile phone in order to remember the moment. The various mobile apps for photography and editing features keep you completely engrossed in taking pictures and editing them, not to speak of posting these immediately so that your friends can view where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, instead of appreciating the moment as it occurs in your life.

5-Social Networking

People have started using smartphones for connecting with others in their social circle, by texting and sharing their status in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other such sites. It makes them feel that they are being more social, whereas in fact they are only alienating themselves further from society. It is becoming more and more normal for users to sit at the dinner table and constantly check out their text messages, tweets, and their Facebook updates.

Thus, we see that there are many causes for such addiction to cell phones, and the addiction might actually be due to various activities that you can handle through technological advances in the mobile phone.

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