2048 – This Is Not Just a Number but An Incredible Number Puzzle Mobile Game

2048 is an online mobile game designed by 19-year old Italian web designer Gabriele Cirulli.

It is a single player game. The objective of the game is to slide the tiles arranged in a grid form and combine them to form a tile of number 2048. It is a sliding block puzzle type game and has gained incredible popularity in a short span of time. It is an open-source code game so many additions have been done to the previous versions of the game. The game is available free of cost on the apps markets and is getting a much broader hype over the internet.

Development of the Game

While the game seems very easy at the first look, hitting the bull’s eye isn’t a walk in the park. You need to put great efforts and mind to combine the tiles to form the number. The aim is to get the combined number as 2048. There are some tricks through which you can easily form 2048. In this game, corner is the king. One should start adding the numbers in the corner to easily get the desired number. There are four corners in the game, so just pick one corner and stick to it and slide all the numbers to that corner only. My personal advice is that you should pick the top left corner. There may be a situation when you have to move away from the desired corner; so do not worry, just move away calmly and come back again.

Competition from Others

2014 witnessed many popular apps attracting the users like Facebook, Minecraft and 2048. According to an analysis, 2048 is the most downloaded app of 2014. 2048 was compared to Flappy Birds by many commentators. The Wall Street Journal has described this game as, “almost like Candy Crush for math geeks” with improved graphics and playability. The Business Insider called it “Threes on steroids”.

Tips & Tricks

There are some more tips and tricks through which you can easily attain the desired target. One should keep in mind not to swipe randomly and form the numbers. Instead, one should try to form combos of the number and try to get the highest possible number. Do keep in mind that mathematical games are won by tricks more than the mainstream ways. Similar is the case with 2048. The player should always try to put the highest number in the lower corner and slide the other tiles to the highest tile. This will help the user to combine the numbers more easily.

Grab It before Some Other Comes the Way

This is a world of technology. New technologies are emerging at the blink of an eye. Every other day there is something new in the market that attracts the people. The Smartphone applications must use the applications as soon as they hit the market and deduce all the necessary fun that you can because if today it is 2048 then you might see 4096 someday! Till then enjoy the game because it’s one of the best available games for the math geeks!

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