Why the Free Viber Download Deserves Its Five-Star Rating

When looking for free apps in stores, a smart and careful user would take in account the user ratings to get an idea of how satisfied other downloaders felt.

Apps with more than three stars would look more promising than apps that only have an average of one or two stars. Many users consider the reputation of an app before downloading it. Who wants to download useless apps that would only eat up memory space?

There have been too many people who have experienced downloading applications that do not meet their expectations. It might not be because they set their expectations too high, but because the features or functionality that the app developers claimed the app had were actually either non-existent or faulty. If you have been one of these people, you know how frustrating this can be. This, especially because even though you can simply un-install an app, there are those pesky ones that leave files or data from the app even after you have removed them. Those are the ones that take up space despite them not being used or needed at all.

There are so many different calling apps available for download in stores. And while most of them are free, nobody would want to try them all out just to find the one best fit for them. In situations like this, checking and comparing apps’ user ratings can be very helpful.

Viber has one of the best user ratings among all the free calling apps available today. Out of almost 3.5 million users who reviewed the app, a little close to 2.3 million had given it a five-star rating. On the average, the app has a 4.4-star user rating, proving that it is one of the top products in the market.

Seamless Features are All for Free

Viber offers so many features to its users, and everything comes without a price. Aside from the traditional instant messaging and voice and video call services, Viber takes pride in its quality service and seamless user interface. Let’s face it: thinking up a good username when signing up for an account can be such a hassle, not to mention providing a safe password and having to remember it in the future. Viber won’t ask you to create an account when you first decide to use it; all you have to do is enter your phone number. And it will immediately access your phonebook to give you a list of friends you can call through the app.

Instant messaging will never be as fun without Viber. There are so many emoticons and stickers to choose from, and you can leave a message to your friends even when they’re offline. Another fun feature is that Viber lets you hold group chats. Imagine forty of you and your friends chatting and sharing funny stories all at the same time!

Viber promises high sound and video quality when you call your friends and family. You don’t have to worry about missing out on a message or call, as Viber will send you a notification even when it’s turned off. The app is also supported on multiple devices, so you can transfer your call between your PC and smartphone or tablet without having to hang up.

Paid Serviced Come with Reasonable Rates

And then of course there are the paid services or features. Most apps today have them. The question, therefore, is whether paying for these features is worth it. Well, when it comes to Viber, the rates are really cheap. You can get Viber credits and it can go a long way. It’s very useful to have credits for instances when you are in an emergency and you need to contact someone out of Viber, for example.

Users Can Get Creative

Viber lets you have your way by personalizing your experience. There are so many stickers available for download and use. You can also share photos, videos and voice messages with friends. One of the latest perks of the Android app is the doodle feature that allows you to draw whatever you like on photos or blank canvases and send them to your friends.

The possibilities are endless. There’s no arguing that Viber is one of the best free calling apps in the market today.

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