WhatsApp Free Download vs WeChat – David vs Goliath

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WhatsApp is an instant messaging service currently with a user base of more than 300 million users worldwide.

Many users prefer chatting to actually talking over a phone, as they are able to think their replies out and also add emoticons. In addition, they can also multitask, continuing with their other activities on their mobiles while conversing. Messaging services like WhatsApp also have a whole lot of fun features with status updates and profile pictures along with sending audio and video files as well.

WhatsApp offers a free cross platform messaging application, that can be run either on a Wi Fi connection or through a data plan, without any additional charge for messaging. Of course, there are many other such apps in the fray, such as Kik, Viber, Nimbuzz and WeChat, all of which have a small chunk of the market offering special features in a niche segment.

In the Spotlight

In spite of all these other messaging apps, WhatsApp seems to rule the roost and has easily captured the spotlight. But one app that seems to be coming close to it is WeChat, which has maintained its presence in the top of both Android and iOS charts. But the problem with WeChat is that you may not find many of your friends using the application, at least not as many as those with WhatsApp. WeChat is a messaging app from Tencent in China and it has also had a lot of marketing campaign, bringing it to the forefront.

WhatsApp – A Giant

Many might consider that there is absolutely no comparison between WhatsApp and WeChat. However, there were similarly many users on Orkut who actually scoffed at Facebook and look what happened there!

WhatsApp is surely a giant in its field and the service has been catering to more active users on a monthly basis than even Twitter. Totally, it is being touted that there are 18 billion inbound messages with 12 billion outbound ones on a daily basis. According to the Google Play Store, the WhatsApp applications are downloaded anywhere between 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 times and has a score of 4.5 in the Play Store. As for the iOS, the application is rated at 4 in the App store.

User Interface – WhatsApp Scores

The user interface is one aspect of WhatsApp that WeChat can never come close to. The interface in WeChat is very confusing and it might take you ages to get familiar with it, if you decide to use it. The app has a main page for accessing chats; a contact page for connections; and finally, a social page with 4 more options. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is relatively neat and rather pleasing. The features like ‘last seen at’ and the double ticks seen when the message has been received or sent are some of the top features lacking in WeChat. What’s more, you can now even disable the ‘last seen at’ if you feel it invades your privacy.

WeChat – Elaborate

WeChat is a little more elaborate than WhatsApp. You can still send messages to your contacts. Apart from that, you can also send voice messages and hold video conversations by the use of the walkie-talkie mode. Apart from this, you can make comments on photos and like them, rather like social networking applications. It is also a cross platform application and is rather in the form of a small social networking system, whereas WhatsApp is just a messaging service.

WeChat – Spreading Too Thin

The problem with WeChat is that it spreads itself too thinly in an effort to satisfy everyone and offer a lot of features. For instance, it offers a video chatting facility as well as audio messages along with social profiles, emoticons and stickers. So, it turns out to be a mixed bag without being specific. The user has to go through a rather tiresome process by way of selecting a username, get connected to social networking profiles, with a new one called Moments. On the other hand, WhatsApp is simple and straight and takes you directly to your contact list.

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