Top Must-Sees in Krabi Thailand

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While Thailand’s lush forests and inviting coastlines have long been tourist attractions, in recent years, the province of Krabi has boomed as a must see tourist destination. The town of Krabi is the capital city of the province and the most popular place to stay. The city is of small size compared to the larger Asian cities. It only has a permanent population of around 25,000. But do not let the small size fool you, this town is packed with amazing things to see and do.

The Emerald Pool

This is often listed as the number one place to see in Krabi. The stunning turquoise water of Sra Morakot is amazing to see and even more wonderful to swim in. This isolated lagoon is reached by a stroll through the canopy, by motorbike, or by elephant. Along the way, you can hear birds singing in the forest, and once you are there you can relax in the refreshingly cool water.

Phi Phi Islands

One of the top destinations for visitors to the province of Krabi is the Phi Phi Islands. These islands reached international attention when the British-American movie The Beach was filmed there in the year 2000. Before the release of the film, the islands of the Phi Phi chain were only visited by the adventure traveller willing to camp on the pristine beaches, but not the islands are hot beds of tourism. The largest of the islands is Ko Phi Phi, and it is where most visitors stay. It has amazing snorkelling and crystal clear water. There are still opportunities to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist traps, however. Ko Phi Phi Lee is a smaller island that can only be reached by taking a guided tour of Maya Bay (the location of the movie shoot for The Beach). There are no accommodations on this island, so camping is the only option for shelter.

Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking is a popular activity for tourists of the Krabi area. These are often rubber plantations that house tame elephants for the purpose of riding tourists. The average trek is about 1 hour and gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing creatures on the planet. Rubber plantations are not known for their scenery; therefore, search out a camp near a cave or jungle so that you will get the chance to see some wonderful views.


One of the best ways to see the natural beauty of this area is by kayak. These silent personal water craft allow you to glide along the coastal waterways without bothering the wildlife or damaging the environment. There are several different guided kayak tours available. Ao Thalane on the southern tip of Phang Nga Bay offers tours of the mangroves and canyons while Bor Thor tours ancient limestone caves. Along each course, there are plenty of chances to see and hear the wildlife. For those who are a bit braver, you can even try your hand at the white water rafting that some companies in the area are offering.

Krabi holds a little something for the whole family. Go-karts and swimming are popular with children. There are lush beaches and luxurious restaurants for those who wish to relax. For the more adventurous, there are caving expeditions and all-day ATV tours. No matter what type of vacation you are seeking, there is something to be found for you in Krabi. All you need to pack is your swimwear, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent. Book your dream vacation today and experience the magic of Thailand.

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