The Flurry of Changes Incorporated In WhatsApp

If you look at the number of social mobile apps that you can find in the app store, you would see that there are too many.

However, of all the different apps that you can use, it is WhatsApp that seems to be the best you could ask for. Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it has been in the news quite a lot. There are changes that were incorporated into WhatsApp, perhaps with the aim of letting people know that the future of this app is bright.

If you are unsure of the main changes that were made in WhatsApp, here are the top picks.

Privacy Settings

One of the most irritating and the baffling feature of WhatsApp was the issue of profile picture. Anyone who has your contact number could view your profile picture. Some people are skeptical of such things because we are all aware of the extent and type of cyber crime that is prevalent.

However, now there is a provision to control the visibility of your profile picture. You have three options to pick from

• Me
• My friends
• Everyone

The options are self explanatory and it means that you can now configure as to who has the access to view your profile picture. However, along with the privacy control features, there is another point that has been added. You can now share profile pictures of your friends on different social networking profiles or even save a copy and email it.

While your friends are not likely to tamper with your pictures, yet it doesn’t seem to be a particularly impressive feature as far as security is concerned.

The Last Seen Feature – End of the Debacle

Ever since WhatsApp was launched, it was the last seen feature that remained one of the most discussed aspects. There have been various fights over people not replying even though they had viewed the messages. Finally, there have been additional options incorporated in WhatsApp.

You now have the option of turning your last seen feature off. This will not update your time but at the same time, you can’t keep track of others as well. If you do not want such a setting, you can choose to retain your old setting as well.

These are just a few of the changes that have been incorporated. It is likely that new updates will keep adding new features. You also have the option of spying for your friend’s subscription and this seems to be an extremely well thought feature to be added.

As you have WhatsApp free download, you should download the latest version and use it. It is not going to incur any cost and there is absolutely no harm in trying your hand at what is currently one of the best social mobile apps in the market. Once you have downloaded WhatsApp free, you are likely to be hooked to this portal like so many countless users all over the globe.

Add the right mix of emoticons and share multimedia files and videos to make the most out of WhatsApp.

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