Skype Free Download for Windows Phone 8.1 – Upgrade Calls to Video Calls

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Microsoft really seems to be revving up its game.

First, it introduced Android for Nokia phones, then there was news of Viber extending the Viber Out services to Windows Phone 8 and now we hear about the latest Skype upgrade for the Windows Phone 8.1. A lot is happening, and it seems that Microsoft is hell bent at trying to dent Android and Apple’s markets in some way. Since its inception, the Windows phone has not been able to get much attention. Compared to iOS and Android devices, Windows devices have still not been able to cause any major stir. Perhaps this is the reason Microsoft is going all guns and trying to attract more customers with fancy app upgrades.

New Skype for Windows Phone 8.1

In a recent Microsoft event, developers of the Windows Phone gave a slight hint about an upcoming Skype upgrade that will first feature on the Windows Phones. During the demo of their new Windows Phone 8.1, developers did talk about including a new version of Skype as a native app. In a recent announcement, Microsoft revealed more. This latest version of Skype will feature a Cortana integration and will let you upgrade your call, while you are still connected, to a video chat. This is the latest feature that is not available on any other mobile platform.

What’s New?

If Windows Phone 8.1 gets this upgraded Skype version, it will become the first phone to be able to upgrade your regular calls to free calls through Skype. So if you do not have call service, or have difficult patching through to a contact, you can simply make use of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to improve your call quality and make a free call through Skype. While Microsoft is still working this into their new phone, they have left a cryptic message, saying more can be expected in the coming months. This means, in the next few months, Skype may have additional features that make the Windows Phone 8.1 better than the rest.

How Does the Upgrade Work?

When you make a call from your Windows Phone 8.1, you have the option to hit the Skype call button even when the normal call is going on. Skype sets up a connection in the background and the connection remains in the background till it is stable enough to let you switch over. As soon as Skype is able to establish an audio or video call, your cellular call is dropped and you are able to transition over. Skype attempts to make this switch seamlessly, without compromising your call quality. However, this only works if you have entered the Skype contact information for your Windows contacts. Already, Skype has a prototype in working order and all the new Windows Phone 8.1 will ship with Skype already installed on them. It is the carrier’s discretion if they want to remove the app.

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