Save on Your Calling Costs with Free Calling Apps Download

Free calling apps have announced their relevance on the internet by bringing in several clients who are glad to save cash.

The saving occurs as a result of dropping the conventional phone service provider charges and making contact over the internet. There are several free calling apps that have risen to satisfy your calling needs via the internet platform using various devices. The quality of the calls continues to improve as technology advances.

Free Viber and Others

If you think that free calling apps are only available on PC, you need to think again. Lately, you can access some free calling apps straight from your Android device and smartphone. One of the popular free calling apps that have hit the market with a bang is the Viber calling app. The app can be used on both PC and Android device. Viber allows you to make free quality calls wherever you are.


It is one of the revolutionary free calling apps that have appeared on the internet scene. The app allows you to make free calls via video or text chats. The unique element of the app is that it connects with your phone book and enables you to dial anyone you wish on one application. Moreover the app allows you to synch with several other chat platforms such as Google Talk and even AOL.

Fring is particularly eye-catching because it is accessible on the phone. It works fine on Android and iOS devices and is supported by a mobile browser too. It has been updated to enable you to make conference calls with up to four people on video. The only requirement is that your contacts must also be on Fring.


It is a versatile free calling app that makes cross platform contacts with ease. It comes with text and video chats that use the internet protocol. It is particularly an attractive app for those who like to share on social media. There is a wide range of media that you can share on this app and enrich your communications with your friends, accomplices and business contacts. It is one of those apps that work on almost every phone that can connect to the internet, from BlackBerry, Android Phone to iPhone and featured phones with JavaScript. The app is also available for use on PC. This means you can comfortably make your free calls from the device of your choice, no matter where you are.


Make quality single line calls with this app. Just make sure that your contacts download and install the app. It allows you to send and share video on other video service facilitators such as Facebook and YouTube. You may also drop in on your friends video feeds at any time. The app has a feature that makes it possible for you to broadcast your video streams live. It works on several platforms including Android, iPhone and others. You only need to make sure that your phone sports a front facing camera for the video calls to work.

Spoilt For Choice with Free Calling Apps

The world of free calling apps is growing, and new apps keep emerging every day, each with a promise for something new. Users are spoilt for choice. You only need to find out which app suits you best.

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