Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 – Rumors, Specs and Features

Galaxy S5 has been recently released and the smartphone market is rife with rumors about Galaxy S6 that might be released in 2015.

iPhone fans are also eagerly waiting for announcement of iPhone 6, an expected successor to popular iPhone 5 series. You can find many websites listing possible specifications of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6. Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics have not made any announcements about these devices. However, smartphone experts have already started comparing these two devices that might be available in near future.

Which Device Will Have a Better Display?

Apple is likely to continue with Retina display but with some improvements. The display fitted in iPhone 6 will be a Retina plus IGZO display. IGZO stands for Indium gallium zinc oxide. IGZO technology is a hot topic in smartphone market as it enables smartphone manufacturers to make devices thinner and the display also consumes less power. iPhone 6 will have a larger screen measuring 4.7 inches or 5.7 inches. The resolution of 4.7 inch Retina display will be 1600-by-900 pixels that translate into pixel density of 386 pixels-per-inch on the screen. The resolution of 5.5 inches Retina display will be 1920-by-1080 that translates into a pixel density of 401 pixels-per-inch on the screen. If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is also testing various types of displays such as 2K and 4K displays. 4K display technology is still under development and experts believe 4K displays will have resolution equivalent to 4096-by-2160 pixels. There are reports of Samsung developing large foldable displays. If this is true, Galaxy S6 might have a foldable display. The world has not seen the Retina plus IGZO display or the 4K displays that Samsung is developing. Hence, it is very hard to say which device will have a better display.

Will iPhone 6 Have a Better Processor than A7?

A7 is a 64-bit processor and iPhone 5 was the first to have it. Many tech magazines have reported Samsung is also developing a 64-bit processor based on ARM architecture. Tech magazines also report that Apple is keen to use a powerful processor in its future devices. The company is known to work on development of A8 processor which will be smaller in size, consume less power and also faster than its predecessor, A7. iPhone 6 may not have a discrete motion processor as A8 is expected to have a graphics chip as well.

Which Device Will Have a Better Camera?

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Galaxy S6 will have a 55 megapixel camera. Though, it is very hard to believe, some tech websites have made a speculation of Galaxy S6 having a higher megapixel camera as S5 is equipped with 16 megapixel camera. iPhone 6 may continue with 8 megapixel camera or introduce a 10 megapixel camera with f/1.8 aperture. Apple may provide optical image stabilization feature in iPhone 6. Many websites also report, iPhone 6 might have a new camera known as refocus-able light field camera. The exciting feature of this camera is it allows people to refocus their shots after taking a picture.

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