Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S – Specs and Prices Compared

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Apple and Samsung have been loggerheads at each other for a couple of years now.

Samsung has been slowly eating into the market share of Apple for the last few years. Following the success of phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the S4, the company has managed to overtake the American giant in this regard. Now, they are planning even more domination with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

This phone is a response to the recently launched iPhone 5S.

Philosophy Remains the Same

Apple has stuck with the same design philosophy, but made some crucial changes to the phones that make it even more appealing than the previous version. Firstly, it features several new colors that make it more desirable. Apple has not tried to extend the 4 inch display, which first made its debut in the iPhone 5. Most of the features of this new phone have also been similar. It has been a case of evolution rather than revolution with both phones.

This is evident from the design philosophy of Samsung Galaxy S5. Rather than modify the design of the S4, Samsung has just tweaked certain aspects of the phone to make it look more like the Note 3. The screen size has been increased, but it is by a very small proportion that will not be evident at first glance.

Standout Features

Both phones have tried to implement something new into the segment. The iPhone 5S was the first to come with the fingerprint scanner, which made it possible for a user to unlock the device without having to enter any passwords. Despite much skepticism, Apple showcased that this technology is almost fool proof for daily usage. Ironically, Samsung has also come with a similar feature, but with several added incentives.

The company has managed to tie up with PayPal – the online payment system – so that all Internet payments done through the phone can be authorized to a fingerprint on. This is not only convenient, but also easy to use as well.

The home screen button acts as the fingerprint scanner in both phones.

Powerful Battery

Samsung uses a very large 5.1 inch display, which takes up a lot of power. In order to enable the user to operate the phone without any hiccups for more than a day, the company has provided this flagship device with a powerful 2800 mAh battery. Unlike Apple, this battery is removable due to the use of polycarbonate materials for the back. This feature will be useful for those who carry around a backup battery due to extensive travelling.

Apple uses only a 1560 mAh battery, but it is more than adequate for about a day’s usage. The battery cannot be removed by a normal user and interchanged with another fully charged unit.

The Samsung comes with much powerful quad core 2.5 GHz unit, while the Apple still has to do with the dual core 1.6 GHz processor.

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available for around $ 730, while the slightly older iPhone 5S is present at $ 680.

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