Samsung Galaxy S4: The Best Apps You Can Download Now For Free!

There are so many apps on the Google play store that is can be hard to determine what is worth a try and what is not.

I recently spent a day going through the lists of available apps and tried a few that were touted as excellent for use on my Galaxy S4.  I found many that I liked, and there are quite a few that I have continued to use to this day.  Below are some of the apps that I liked the most and what they do.

Galaxy S4 Sensors

In case you did not know, the S4 has a wide variety of sensors built in that can be fun to play with.  This app puts all the information into one accessible spot so that you can make use of them.  You have temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and light sensors on board your phone that this app puts to good use.  If you are a budding meteorologist, you might even be able to predict the weather.

Floating Browser

The Galaxy S4 has floating apps, but that is useless unless you can minimize and move the windows about.  This app allows you to do just that.  This is a super handy app if you are comparing notes from different sites, or trying to transcribe information.  I use this one all the time since downloading it.  I wish I had known about it a year ago.

Galaxy S4 Universal Remote

No more lost remotes!  This app allows your phone to function as a television remote for most models.  It is compatible with over 300,000 devices including TVs, DVRs, and cable boxes.  Brilliant, enough said.

Floating Notifications

This app pops up a notification icon over whatever screen you have opened to let you know that you have received a SMS, email, or call.  You will never miss an important email while watching movie trailers again with this app.

File Manager

File Manager allows you to have easy access to every file on your phone.  If you like things to be organized and neat, this is the easiest way to accomplish that.  Drag and drop files from place to place while creating folders and putting everything in its place.

Zoom Camera

The Galaxy S4 has an amazing camera, and this app helps you harness all that ability.  You can zoom more effectively and add filters right on the app screen.  It produced beautiful, high-quality images that are perfect for sharing. 

Instagram for Pictures

This extremely popular app allows you to edit, take and share photos with its huge user base.  Get inspired by fellow photographers and start your own collection of artsy pics.  Share what you love and meet new people with this awesome app.

Dropbox for Files

Inevitably there are files on your PC that you need on your phone or vice versa.  This is where Dropbox comes in.  This file sharing program allows you to place files into a folder on your PC or phone, and once the files are placed in that folder, they are available anywhere in the world via and internet connection.  I use it with pictures on my Galaxy S4.  When I take a photo, it is automatically sent to my Dropbox folder where it is immediately available to me on my PC.  I always have the pictures I want when I am ordering prints or emailing family.

There are so many great apps available for the Galaxy S4.  As one of the most popular smartphones on the market, you can bet that the future of apps for this device is bright.  Find your favorite today by browsing the Play store, or check out the ones I recommended.  Either way, you are sure to find something that will enhance your experience.



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