Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 – Comparison of Specs and Pricing

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Launched in 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the flagship device from Samsung for a period of 12 months before it was eventually replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S4.

There was a lot of weight on the shoulders of the Galaxy S3 since it was succeeding the incredibly popular Galaxy S2. It was also about to enter into a real fight with the iPhone. The Galaxy S3 eventually became the iPhone killer, as it helped Samsung overtake Apple in terms of market share. The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, meanwhile, is the second generation of the Galaxy Grand phones.

Basic Design

The Galaxy Grand phones have not always been too fussy about design and this is the case with the Galaxy Grand 2. It follows the tradition set by the Galaxy S3 in terms of looks, although it is also largely down to the massive 5.25 inch screen that it uses. This makes it look very much similar to the Galaxy S3 from several angles. After the quite boxy Galaxy S2, Samsung has decided to go with rounded edges for the Galaxy S3. The company claims that it has chosen to be inspired by the pebbles for this design.

The phone employs much larger – compared with the Galaxy S2 – 4.8 inch display. It offers a 720p resolution and it enables the phone to provide around 300 PPI of pixel density. Despite having a much larger display, the Galaxy Grand 2 does not lag behind much in this regard.


Samsung had always tried to equip their Smartphones with a lot of connectivity options and this is the case once again with the Galaxy Grand 2 and the Galaxy S3. Both phones come with options like Bluetooth 4.0, micro USB, high download speeds in the 3G network, WI-Fi direct, and WI-Fi hotspot.


Despite being the flagship device of Samsung for 2012, Galaxy S3 only came with the Exynos chip set containing a processor rated at 1.4 GHz. Even though it is a quad core unit, it is slightly dwarfed in the performance of the snapdragon processor found in the Galaxy Grand 2. It is also a quad core unit that is rated slightly lower at 1.2 GHz. The choice of external GPU’s is also different in both phones. The Galaxy Grand 2 goes by the way of Adreno, while the Galaxy S3 uses the Mali GPU.

Battery Life

In order to compensate for the huge screen in both phones, Samsung has equipped them with very powerful batteries. However, it is the Galaxy Grand 2 that once again comes out in front in this regard due to its 2600 mAh battery. This is significantly better than the 2100 mAh unit found on the Galaxy S3. As a result, talk times are also significantly improved compared to the 2012 Samsung flagship.

Other Features

The Galaxy S3, though, came with several eye catching features like Smart Stay, S-Voice, and up to 64 GB of internal memory.

The 16 GB version of the Galaxy S3 is now available for $ 300, while the Galaxy Grand 2 retails at $ 350.

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