Samsung Galaxy Core vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo – Comparison of Pricing and Specifications

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Samsung has become a leader of mid-range Smartphones with dual SIM technology.

This has been largely by launching several phones priced very close to each other. However, there are subtle differences that made them cater to different needs. The Samsung Galaxy Core and the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo are examples of phones that have made Samsung dominant in this segment. The Galaxy Core and Galaxy Grand Neo come with only subtle differences.

One of them is the design, which apart from a few changes, is very similar. The phones were released a couple of months apart with the Galaxy Grand Neo being the latest after having come in January 2014. The Galaxy Core is slightly older at having come out in June 2013. The two phones are very similar in terms of dimensions, but it is only in terms of thickness.

Screen Features Major Changes

The differences between the two phones mainly start with the screen size. The Galaxy Grand Neo opts for a much larger 5 inch display compared to the 4.3 inch unit of the Galaxy Core. This means that it is able to support watching movies and videos online much more interesting. Due to the small screen, the Galaxy Core is able to boast of a better pixel density. The resolution used by the phones is very similar at 800 x 480 pixels.

Almost No Changes in Camera

Unlike the screen, the Galaxy Core and Galaxy Grand Neo cannot be separated in terms of camera. The phones come with a five megapixel unit that largely supports common functions like auto focus and Flash. However, it being a premium device, the Galaxy Grand Neo comes with support for 720p HD video recording. The Galaxy Core makes up for the lack of this feature by providing face and smile detection, which is absent in the Galaxy Grand Neo.

Lack of Color Options

Samsung has tried to provide an alternative to the Galaxy Core user with three choices when it comes to color, but this option does not make it into the Galaxy Grand Neo line-up. Instead, the latter is available only in the white color.

Better Battery

Due to the much larger display, it is not surprising that the Galaxy Grand Neo demands a powerful battery in order to keep going at least for a day. Hence, Samsung has provided this device with a 2100 mAh battery compatible 1800 unit present in the Galaxy Core. Despite this slightly powerful battery, it is the Galaxy Core that is capable of boosting better talk times and standby times, but it is not a significant difference.


Even though the Galaxy Core uses a snapdragon processor, the biggest difference comes in the power because the Galaxy Grand Neo utilized as a quad core 1.2 GHz processor compared to the dual core processor of the same rating in the Galaxy Core.

Priced at around $ 210 for the 8 GB unlocked version, the Samsung Galaxy Core is slightly cheaper than the Galaxy Grand Neo – at $ 300 for a similar spec variant – in the retail market.

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