Samsung Galaxy Core vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos – Price and Specs Comparison

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Samsung first started making a foray into the dual SIM mobile phone segment only a few years ago, but now they have extended this category to even high-end phones.

It is now possible to buy a high-end phone that offers dual SIM capabilities and it is largely down to Samsung. Their portfolio has become even better following the launches of the Samsung Galaxy Core and Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos remains as one of the pioneers of this segment after having come out in January 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy Core came out a couple of months later in June 2013. Interestingly, they both cater to different user experiences.

Screen Size

The first major difference between the two phones comes with the screen size. The Galaxy Grand Duos has attempted to provide an experience similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a more affordable package. Hence, it comes with a 5 inch display, but a resolution of just 480 x 800 pixels means that the pixel density is just around 187 PPI. The Galaxy Core, on the other hand, offers the same resolution, but in a 4.3 inch display.

Hence, it is able to boast a massively improved 217 PPI. Further, the usage of a smaller screen has also resulted in overall dimensions being smaller as well. The Galaxy Core is significantly lighter at just 124 g compared to the 162 g of the Grand Duos.


Both phones offer a plethora of connectivity options, but it is the Grand Duos that wins this round by offering the latest features. For example, even though both phones come with Bluetooth, the Grand Duos offers 4.0 version compared to the 3.0 version of the Galaxy Core. It also supports dual band Wi-Fi and DLNA connectivity options.

HSDPA connection up to a maximum of 21 MB per second enables the Grand Duos to support much faster download speeds.


This is an area where Grand Duos differs significantly from the Galaxy Core. The former uses a much more advanced eight megapixel camera that offers image stabilization, face detection, and smile detection features along with full HD video recording. The LED flash is one of the common features between the two phones, but the Galaxy Core uses a slightly inferior five megapixel unit that can only record videos in DVD quality.

The front facing camera is also only a VGA unit as opposed to the two megapixel camera in the Grand Duos.

Operating System and Processing Power

Both phones came loaded with the android 4.1.2 operating system, which is otherwise known as Jelly Bean. The Grand Duos has since received an upgrade to the android 4.2.2 version. Due to similar specifications of RAM and processors, the performance will not be a difference in both phones. They come with the same dual core 1.2 GHz processors – although the graphics processing unit differs – and 1 GB of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos retails at around $ 350 for the unlocked version, while the Samsung Galaxy Core is significantly cheaper at around $ 220 for a similar version.

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