Samsung Galaxy Core Advance vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos – Specs, Features and Pricing

Most of the high-end Smartphones with large touch screens have resisted the urge to offer dual SIM capabilities, but this changed with the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

This has provided an insight into a new segment, which promises to grow rapidly in regions like India and China over the next few years. Unlike the Galaxy Grand Duos, the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance is a single SIM phone, but it is one that is aimed at a budget conscious user who wants a large touch screen display.

Little Difference in Design

As with most of the Samsung phones launched in the last few years, the Galaxy Grand Duos and the Galaxy Core Advance cannot be separated significantly in terms of design. Both feature roughly the same square shape that has been a trademark of Samsung design. Previously, only high-end Smartphones used to come with a very thin frame, which is now present in these phones as well.

They do not exceed 10 mm in thickness. They may not be comparable to the high-end phones in terms of weight, but at 145 g and 162 g, respectively, the Core Advance and Grand Duos are not heavy by any means.

Large Differences in Features

Apart from providing support for dual SIMs, one of the major differences between the two phones is the screen size. The Core Advance employs a slightly smaller 4.7 inch display – but crucially with the same resolution of 480 x 800 pixels – compared to the 5 inch unit of the Grand Duos. This may help the Core Advance achieve a slightly better pixel density, but it is not significant enough to gain a huge advantage over Grand Duos.

Both the screens have limited protection to scratches and other embellishments and it is therefore recommended to use a scratch guard to protect the screen.

Due to the large screens, multimedia capabilities are excellent on these devices. Samsung itself provides an internal memory of 8 GB, which is not sufficient to enjoy the complete multimedia capabilities. Hence, the phones support external memory cards of up to 64 GB.


One of the main areas where Samsung has tried to distinguish the two phones is in the camera department. The Grand Duos comes with a sophisticated eight megapixel shooter that has all the high-end features like face detection, smile detection and image stabilization to cope with the demands of the user. Autofocus and LED flash, though, for common features between the two phones. In comparison with the eight megapixel unit, the Core Advance comes with only a five megapixel camera.

It also features an inferior VGA camera for the front facing unit, while the Grand Duos uses a two megapixel camera here.

Little to Separate in Performance

Samsung has gone for the same processor and RAM specifications with both phones sporting a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. However, the presence of a Broadcom GPU may help Grand Duos perform slightly better.

The unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance retail at around $ 200, while the Grand Duos is around $ 250.

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