New Version of the Free Google Maps Comes with Big Features

It has been a few weeks since Google last came out with its major update for the Map division.

Google Maps have already gained a reputation for being the most comprehensive and best free map solution out there. It has just got even better following the updates, which in the last few weeks would have been accepted by the public. Whether people like it or not, these updates are likely to stay. Going by the features, it is hard to see why the public will go against the new updates.

New Design

One of the foremost aspects of the design is that the split area, whereby only one half of the screen came with the maps, is now gone totally and it is replaced by the maps for the entire screen. This might be difficult at times to navigate after having been used to having the information area on the left. However, it does not take longer to notice that Google has effectively saved a lot of screen area with this switch.

On the aspects like searching and getting driving directions are now provided at the top left corner. This looks both beautiful and easy to use after a few minutes. Rather than having to hit enter at every selection, the maps start to recognize various aspects as soon as you start typing.

Access to Several Features

Google Maps has tried to provide a much better access to aspects like Google Earth, photos, and Street View. For those looking to search about a particular place, much information is provided within a few seconds. This includes photos of that place, any contact information, ratings, and reviews. Such comprehensive information almost tends to do away with the need for a Google search.

Street View was a cumbersome feature in the previous version, but it has now received a huge boost in this new free Google Maps. There are some cool effects before users are introduced into the street view, which now features high-definition images for several parts of the world.

Upcoming Events

Google Maps itself provides updates to all the upcoming events that are as per your liking. Apart from movies, the coming event features supports every other aspect like concert halls and ball parks. After browsing through the list of results, clicking on the event brings up on the necessary details. Future plans include being able to buy tickets from Google Maps.


The ability to buy tickets for concerts may be coming in the future, but one that is present right now is the ability to make reservations at hotels and restaurants. Google Maps will also provide comprehensive information about flight timings and other aspects. Those who are logged into their Google Account will be able to access this information. One need not enter any information about the flight details in order to get this information. Google simply uses the information from the mailbox to provide information about the flights.

Small aspects like adding multiple destinations have also been improved in this new update to Google Maps, which promises to be better than ever before.

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