Mojang Will Confirm Minecraft Xbox One Release Date

Everything is in their hands to decide and unlike the Xbox 360 edition, they are fully fledged developers now and it is their decision to make.

We are graciously hosting their title on our platform – this is what Phil Spencer told the media during the Game Developers Conference 2014. He added that 4J Studios is really happy about the progress they are making and it’s going to be great once the game launches. With so many updates and interviews to take note of, it is evident that Microsoft Xbox One release date is really close but it’s just that there isn’t a specific date to it. As soon as the Title Update 14 for Xbox 360 got released, fans got eager and started questioning Mojang about a possible date for the next gen consoles.

Official Blog Post

Instead of going through the Twitter announcements which is often associated with 4J Studios, Mojang posted it on their blog. They confirmed that it is being worked on at the moment (the PS4 and the Xbox One edition) but we don’t have a date to share yet. They added saying, we really hope we will have news to share very soon. The Microsoft console is set to receive the game first because going by the updates and the Phil Spencer interview, the company is definitely working hard to bring it to their platform soon. Earlier, the older generation console got the game first as a trial to see how players react but now Minecraft has got a huge fan base and it’s expected to be one of the best titles to own on the next gen console.

In his interview, Phil Spencer confirmed that he spoke to Mark Persson, the creator of the game who’s equally excited about the next gen versions. Minecraft Xbox One edition is expected to have larger maps and more multiplayer features. It has higher processing power which will make it easy for 4J to incorporate all the elements found in the PC version without any hurdles. Besides, the console uses the same X86 architecture used by computers that run on Windows operating system. It will allow the developer to port future updates and patches much quicker than it used to be.

Importing Save Files from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

The developers have also confirmed in another interview that players will mostly be not able to port their save files to the new console because of the bigger maps and new features that will be implemented into it. As of now, 4J is working on ways to tackle this issue so that gamers can port their maps and keep playing it on a more powerful console. Phil, the Microsoft executive added that they are definitely close to releasing it but the dates are decided by Mojang. You won’t have to wait long to play Minecraft Xbox One edition because the team is working really hard to bring it out soon. They confirmed this once again in a tweet, a couple of days ago saying that they will release the Title Update 15 before moving on to bringing the next gen console versions out.

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