Minecraft Xbox One – Microsoft Says Release Date Is Close

Minecraft Xbox One edition is really close and if you need an assurance from the right people, then there’s no one better to confirm it than Microsoft.

The console manufacturers may not control the release date directly because everything is monitored by 4J Studios but Phil Spencer confirmed that they are almost there. The Title Update 14 for Xbox 360 was all the rage for weeks now and developers 4J were involved in getting it out in time. They had to dedicate all their resources in supporting the older generation of consoles before they move on to the next generation.

Almost There

The update is now officially released and they will have more time to focus on other platforms as well. In his twitter conversation, Roger Carpenter, producer of Minecraft on Microsoft console proudly claimed that there were over half a billion new people playing the game on the day when the update was released. It was an evident reaction from the player community that they fully support the game and releasing it on the next gen console will definitely be a boost for the platform. Phil Spencer said that he spoke to important people from 4J and after their brief conversation, he can confirm that they are getting close to the release date. However, he didn’t confirm an official date so far but you could just assume it’s not too long.

There is more to come because in his interview Phil Spencer revealed that he also spoke with Mark Persson, the creator of Minecraft who is really excited about the Minecraft Xbox One edition. Spencer said that he not only spoke to 4J people but also spent time talking to Mark about the future of the game. The creator said that he was impressed with the quality of the game on the next gen and looking forward to it. It is definitely good news for console owners who have purchased Xbox One and are looking for some must have titles to launch on it.

4J Is Already Working On It

Based on what Phil Spencer said, you can safely assume that the team may not postpone the release date to 2015 as speculated earlier. It could most probably be somewhere in the mid of 2014 or fall of the same year which makes it a short wait before the game lands. The X86 architecture found in the new console is also said to boost the porting process easier. This will play an integral role in helping 4J bring all those updates quicker to the platform and they may resemble the PC version closely without much changes. This update was revealed now and then by 4J during their twitter conversation which makes it credible enough to believe. Besides, the claim has been made by many game developers who are already working on multiple versions of their titles including a PC edition.

Stay tuned and going by the updates from 4J Studios, there will surely be plenty of interesting news to look forward to. We will bring them all to you so that you get your daily dose of Minecraft Xbox 360 updates.

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