Minecraft Xbox One May Get Retail Edition on Release Date

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The retail edition of the Xbox 360 version of the game has been doing excellent ever since its launch and the game has been topping the charts multiple times in the UK charts.

Based on this report and the fact that Mojang always provides their best attention to the platform, a Minecraft Xbox One edition retail edition is likely given. In reality, a boxed is not going too much of a difference because players are so used to the digital copies and downloading the small file size of the title wouldn’t be such a difficulty. But, the difference it makes is that a boxed copy of Minecraft will actually honor the title and show the entire gaming community that it is on par with any AAA titles.

E3 Announcement Is Possible

The disc space will most probably be too high and the rest of the space can always be used to store special features, content created by 4J studios. At the moment, there is no official release date for the version of the game, but with E3 2014 around the corner, you can be sure that 4J wouldn’t waste much time. In fact, they might be planning to show off their game during the Microsoft conference on stage. The console definitely requires some addictive titles and the open world sandbox game is the best fit for this requirement. It will not only push sales but will also become one of the top ten games on the platform.

Some of the features expected to be part of the Minecraft Xbox One edition include everything that is released with the Title Update 14 as well as the Title Update 16. 4J studios didn’t officially confirm the TU16 update yet, but in their Twitter conversation they added that after releasing the bug fixing update TU15, they are already busy working on another update. It is most probably the 16th one, but the features that will be part of this release is yet to be known. The development team also released a teaser image of the new game under development a couple of days ago.

Teaser Images

It has nothing but a huge bottle of rum ideally placed in the center of the table while the PS4 controller and Xbox One controller were on the sides. While it is known that they are working on the title and porting it to the current generation consoles, it is now confirmed that the development is going a fast pace. One of the important aspects of the new generation platform is that they use a similar installation system on the lines of a computer and it will make porting much easier. The fact is not only applicable for Minecraft but for all other games as well.

Even though, 4J or Mojang had hardly given a glimpse of the expected release date, you can easily assume that Minecraft Xbox One could land any time in June or July. The company has officially confirmed that the retail version of the PS3 edition will launch on May 14. Based on the date, it is being speculated that July will most probably be the month pegged for Xbox One release.

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