Minecraft Xbox 360 Update Download Sets a New Achievement Record

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It is hard to ignore the fact that Minecraft Xbox 360 has sold in excess of 12 million.

The success has heightened the anticipation of the fans to see the title on Xbox One. The pressure automatically flows on to 4J Studios. Although the company has indicated that such a development is in progress, there is no certainty, yet, as to when the Xbox One version update for Minecraft will be unveiled.

The sky is the limit for Minecraft Xbox 360

The progress of Xbox 360 since its official launch in December 2012 has been impressive. The culmination it has achieved is justified. The game has had several updates, including Mass Effect, Skin Packs, Marvel Mash-up packs and Skyrim. The game has performed well on both the digital platform and on the retail sales market. If the retail data from the American consumer market is anything to go by, it is hard to see the game version through any other window apart from the great success that it already is.

Continuous Support

The game developers have not gone to sleep yet. In fact, you may have to wait a little longer, given that Minecraft Xbox One is already in the works. In the meantime, Minecraft Xbox 360 continues to enjoy support from the developers. The game is set to receive a new update; a texture pack, on April 18th 2014.

According to Mojang, future updates will take into consideration the need to expand the relatively small worlds on Minecraft Xbox 360. The limitation is said to be caused by the lack of a hard drive on the Xbox 360.

What the future holds for Minecraft Xbox 360

A careful assessment of the state of the game reveals that Minecraft is the game to watch. In fact, observers have commented that the game sales are likely to keep rising for several years to come. It appears that the only real stopper for this financial roller coaster will be market saturation. Otherwise competitors stand little chance to dislodge the game from its current soar. The support it continues to enjoy from developers notwithstanding, one of the conspicuous elements that serve to popularize the game further, is the fact that the game excites players from across the age spectrum. It is sufficient entertainment for the young and the old alike.

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