Minecraft Xbox 360 – List of Bug Fixes in Title Update 15

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The Title Update 14 was one of the most anticipated releases on Minecraft Xbox 360 version because it brought about a slew of new features.

Each one of them is exceptionally exciting and the developers 4J studios made sure they invested quality time to bring out a worthy TU14 release. As with most updates and patches, bugs are a common issue and the developing team has already listed the prominent ones. They will be fixed with the upcoming TU15 which has now been submitted for certificate testing process to Microsoft. The company will most probably approve the patch update next week and it will be rolled out immediately to all regions. While 4J has mentioned that there are 15 major bugs that will be fixed using the patch, there are some minor ones as well that has been annoying players for a while now.

Zombies, Invisibility and More

Here is a list of the issues that the company has officially recognized and will be releasing a fix along with the update that is scheduled to be released in a couple of days. The purpose of building cobblestone walls is to stay secure on the other side but with the TU14, players experienced an issue because animals were able to climb them. It reduced their protection level during the night and posed a threat to the player because if they die, they would have to lose everything in their possession unless they have stored some in the Ender’s chest. A similar issue was faced with Zombies as well because they were supposed to drop some rare loot. When a zombie dies, it may drop stuff like Iron ingots, carrots or potatoes but the new update stopped this random drop completely. The bug fix list includes a patch for this issue which will make sure zombies drop items when killed.

While features like desert temples, jungle temples and carrot on a stick were confirmed to be part of the Title Update 14 on the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, 4J Studios had some new surprise announcements as well. They made the announcement that apart from the confirmed features which is similar to the PC version, there will also be additional ones, including invisibility, the ability to teleport and the ability to make animals invisible. While the feature sounds exciting, it did come with a fair share of bugs on the console because it was a relatively new addition.

In Certificate Testing

When the invisibility potion was used on sheep, it didn’t work properly and the animal didn’t go completely invisible. Another problem that players faced was despite using the potion to become fully invisible, their presence was shown on the map which defies the purpose of using it in the first place. The gamer tag was also visible when the potion was used which has been fixed with the Title Update 15. The update doesn’t have any new features but only a list of bug fixes and it is expected that Microsoft will finish the testing as soon as possible so that gamers can get rid of these issues.

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